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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy ♥ Crochet Pattern

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
In honor of today's release of the new Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer game. I wanted to make a special Animal Crossing themed DIY. The original project I had planned didn't turn out the way I wanted to so I scraped the idea. I couldn't come up with another idea so I used the PSL sweater coffee cozy pattern to create the famous red blazer you get to wear in the game. I did make some slight changes to the pattern but nothing too dramatic.

In Animal Crossing Happy Home Design you work for Nook as part of Nook's Home. You work alongside Lyle, Digby and Lottie, the newest addition to the Animal Crossing family! In the game, you are an interior decorator who decorates Animal Crossing villager's homes. I drew inspiration from the red blazer that you wear in the game (you must wear this blazer at all working hours). I think this is a really cute crochet project that you can make for yourself (or a friend) and give them as a gift.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
You will need
- Red yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver)
- White yarn
- Yellow yarn
- H/5.00 mm size crochet hook
- Yarn needle
- Scissors
- Mini white buttons (optional)

Dc - double crochet
Sc - single crochet
Cc - color change
ch(s) - chain(es)
st(s) - stitch(es)

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Sweater Cozy 
Ch 13 sts, dc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
{Ch 1, turn, dc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts } repeat 18x times total
Cut off leaving a long tail to sew

To create the blazer collar. You are going to want to fold the top part of your cozy into a slant. Slant at each end, making sure the middle is a slight line (like in the PSL cozy pattern) and carefully sew into place. You may use pins to keep your piece from moving.

Now, sew the sides together with a needle. Form a tube shape (this is where your coffee cup will go through) and sew closed.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Sleeves: (Make 2)
Ch 6, sl st to first st to create a loop.
{Sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts} repeat 9 times
Cc to white yarn and sc 6 sts.
Cut off leaving a long tail for sewing

To assemble the sleeves weave the long string of yarn all the way to the top where you began (the rounded part). Sew one sleeve onto the part of the sweater directly one stitch under the sweater collar. Make sure no stitches are visible. Repeat on the other side with the second sleeve.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
I used a strand of yellow yarn to make a cute bow. I simply inserted my crochet hook in the cozy (in between where the two collars meet) and weaved through the yarn. I then made a double knotted bow, you can make a tie if you prefer.

The blazer that the characters wear in the game has a total of seven buttons, three in the middle and two on each sleeve. I didn't have any tiny white buttons so I just used white yarn and weaved them through. If you have mini white buttons feel free to use those.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Are you a fan of Animal Crossing?


  1. Omg this is adorable =] I love animal crossing, ive been playing new leaf for 2 years now =]


    1. It's such a cute game! I've been playing it since the Game Cube days and I'm still a fan!


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