Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream ♥ Beauty Review

Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream Review
I've been trying to find an amazing cream/moisturizer for years! I've found a few that did a fairly good job at hydrating and keeping my skin moisturized but not a go-to favorite moisturizer. And now since the colder months are here I need to find another cream to keep my skin nourished from the harsh weather. What I'm saying is that I've been testing many moisturizers and creams lately. So don't be surprise if I post a few skincare reviews (mainly on creams) in the next couple of weeks.

Today I will be review a cream I got early last month. It's the Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream. I got this in a Memebox Haul. Not gonna lie I completely bought this for the cute packaging! There are two types of this "miracle capsule cream". The polar bear cream which is for dry skin and the black bear cream which is for oily skin. Since I have oily/combination skin I went with the black bear. Let's see whether or not this product worked for me.

Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream Review
Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream Review
Product description
"This anti-winkle moisturizer is enriched with glacial water and 24 types of nourishing oil to deliver a surge of moisture to the skin to firm, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin."

- Lightweight
- Great for those with oily skin
- Cute packaging
- Moisturizing
- Anti-wrinkle
- Not sticky
- Affordable
- Light smell
- A little goes a long way

- Not much product
- Non hygienic (I wish it came with a spatula)
- Not that hydrating

My experience
The product is a lightweight clear watery gel, reminds me of hair gel. It does have a faint scent that goes away within minutes. Once applied to your skin it dries to a matte finish without any stickiness.

The first couple of days I liked this product but then I started to notice a few things. First off, I dry patches. I would get dry patches throughout the day on my chin, at night I would get them the next morning. Next problem, it didn't come with a spatula. I wish more companies would included plastic spatulas with their creams because if you don't use one when applying on skincare products you can completely contaminate the product itself, which could lead to breakouts. Last concern I have is the size. There is 50ml of product in the container. When it comes to creams I would like a bigger size so that it lasts a long time, a couple of months at least. I used this all up in 3 weeks, but you could probably get away using this a whole month though.

Would you recommend this product?
If you have really oily skin then yes. But if you have a few dry spots on your face then no.

You can purchase the Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream here

Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream Review
What moisturizer are you currently using?

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