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10 Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew When I Was A Teen

10 Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew
Let's face it, we've all made huge beauty mistakes in the past! I thought it would be fun to share ten makeup and skincare tips I wish I knew when I was younger. Whether your 13 or 30, we can always learn something new about beauty. If you have any beauty tips you would like to add on, please share it in the comments.

1. Wear makeup for yourself, not for anyone else
We all get into makeup at different ages, some younger than others. Just because your friends are all wearing a full face of makeup doesn't mean you have to.

2. Invest in skincare rather than makeup
I always say it's better to spend money on skincare products. Because in the long run skincare products are more beneficial to your skin.

3. Don't use expired makeup
All beauty products have expiration dates, for a reason. Expired makeup can be harsh on your face and could lead to breakouts, color discoloration, red eyes, and more. I learned this the hard way (with out-of-date eye shadows) so please be careful!

4. Make sure your foundation matches
Picking out a foundation can be difficult and intimidating. There are hundreds to choose from, not to mention the different shades! The best way to find a color that matches your skin tone swatch a bit of the product on your wrist or your jawline and see which one matches best. Tools such as color wheels and charts can also be very helpful. When in doubt ask a makeup artist for help.

5. A little goes a long way
We've all heard the saying "A little goes a long way" and that's true. Makeup is buildable and you can always add more. Start off slowing and add more as you go.

6. Eyeliner takes practice
We have all seen those amazing eyeliner pictures on Tumblr. But those eyeliner skills take time and practice. Don't expect to become an eyeliner queen overnight.

7. Two shades lighter when it comes to eyebrows
Eyebrows seem to be the "it" thing at the moment. Thick, full, dark, sharp brows. But not too dark, in fact, your brows should be two shades lighter than your hair color. That is if you want a natural look.

8. Keep your makeup, brushes, and area clean
Dirty makeup and makeup brushes can lead to widespread bacteria, which can lead to breakouts and pimples. So wash your makeup products and brushes regularly.

9. Use a heat protector
If you apply heat on your hair often, make sure to use a heat protector so that your hair doesn't get fried.

10. Embrace your natural features and have fun!
Makeup is fun to use and play around with. But remember at the end of the day all that will be taken away and washed away. So learn to love yourself and your natural features. Because there is only one you. Only one person contains all those beautiful features, and that is you.

10 Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew
What beauty tips do you wish you knew as a teen?


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