Days 326-332 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 326: My latest obsession has been the Tsum Tsum app game! I've been playing it non-stop!

Day 327: I'm not a fan of fast food because it gives my heartburn and I hate the taste of deep fried grease. Thankfully, Wendy's has baked potatoes, whenever I'm forced to eat out I get my favorite broccoli and cheddar potato!

Day 327: Pre-Thanksgiving baking! I made pumpkin pie! I love pumpkin pie!

Day 328: Lucy dressed up in her sparkly dress for Thanksgiving! She was going around asking for turkey. She's so cute!

Day 329: We went Black Friday shopping, I hated it (never doing it again). When we got home I ordered everything I wanted and even scored a cute Betsey Johnson bag for 35% off with free shipping!

Day 330: Lucy hanging the star on my mini tree. She had some help from my little sister.

Day 331: Now that I decorated my room for Christmas and I'm ready for the holidays! Speaking of Christmas, starting December I will be blogging every single day, aka Blogmas! I've done this every year for the past two years and really enjoy it (but it's so stressful). Along with Blogmas I will also be posting 12 DIY projects as part of 12 Days of DIY. I hope you guys are excited!

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you score any great Black Friday deals?

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  1. Omg I going to have to try that on my baked potato too, it looks delicious =]