Day 354-360 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 354: It was my mom's birthday on Monday so my sister made her a yule log cake with mini mushroom meringues. It turned out really cute and delicious!

Day 355: When you realize that your dog is a mermaid.

Day 356: The 12 days of DIY is over! Can you believe it? I'm really sad but so relieve that I don't have to worry about coming up with any more projects. I will be continuing with blogmas but at soon as January arrives I will be back to my regular blogging schedule (a new post everyday, except on Wednesday and Saturday) Until next year 12 days of DIY!

Day 357: My presents ready for my family to open! Fun fact, I always wrap the gifts I give in Hello Kitty wrapping paper.

Day 358: After opening Lucy's gifts we put all her gifts in this bag and she sat next to it! So cute!

Day 359: One of my favorite gifts!

Day 360: I saw this gingerbread cookie at Starbucks for the first time and had to buy it. It's not as good as the snowman sugar cookie but still pretty yummy!

How was your week/weekend?

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