Days 347-353 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 347: My latest obsession is a salad I came up with. It's contains spinach, apples, mandarins, slices of avocado salad topped with veggie chicken strips and pecans. It's truly amazing!

Day 348: My older sister contributed to my 12 Days of DIY this year. This time she shows you guys how to make a delicious cane candy syrup that you can use in coffees and other recipes!

Day 349: I went candle crazy this season! I bought so many winter themed candles that I'm probably going to have a bunch leftover for next year! You can view my winter candle haul here.

Day 350: You guys know how much I love making coffee cozies! Well, I made another one! This time I made a reindeer coffee cup cozy with a strap where you can attach a spoon or whatever. Make one for yourself or for a morning tea/coffee drinker.

Day 351: On Friday we bought a gingerbread house to make. I also went ahead and tried the Starbucks gingerbread frappuccino, it seemed appropriate. It's amazing! Sadly, our gingerbread house was a complete fail! It fell and everything started falling apart! I usually have good luck with gingerbread houses but not this year.

Day 352: I bought Lucy's favorite dessert! She goes crazy for these puppy ice creams! I'm saving one for Christmas!

Day 353: I just learned how to make these gift wrappung bows and I am obsessed with them! They are really easy to make but kind of time consuming. I learned how to make them from here. Not only do you get a matching bow for your gifts but you save on money too!

Are you ready for Christmas? Have you bought all your gifts yet?

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