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Planner Clip ♥ 12 Days of DIY

Planner Clip DIY
On the second day of Christmas, I made this for you, a planner clip! Yes, today's DIY project is on how to make a planner clip. A lot of people think that stationery supplies is affordable but when you add up all the stickers, notepads, planner clips, etc. all that stuff can be pricey! So I think this project would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the planner addict in your life.

Planner Clip DIY
You will need
- Card stock
- Paper clips
-Tape or some type of adhesive
- Pen

Planner Clip DIY
First, you are going to have to pick a design for your clip. I picked a sleeping mask for my clip. Next trace the design with a pen on card stock or some type of sturdy paper. Cut out the design, make sure you cut out two pieces (one for the front and one for the back).

Now it's time to add the details! I drew little eyelashes on my sleep mask but you could use card stock for your details. Now glue everything together! I used roll-on tape (because it makes everything easier) to adhere to the clip to the card stock pieces. I taped the paper clip first and then carefully tape the clips (make sure not to press too hard). Now you are finished!

Planner Clip DIY
Are you a planner fanatic?


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