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The Best of 2015 Beauty

2015 Beauty Favorites
2015 was a huge beauty year for me. I discovered so many incredible products! I had so many favorite products from 2015 so I narrowed it down to my top 15 products because I didn't want to make this post too long. Anyways, there is still a lot so let's get started!

2015 Beauty Favorites
Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
I've always hated the whole lotion application process so when I saw that Jergens released these wet skin moisturizers in 2015, I fell in love! You apply this in the shower after you turn off the water and slather this lotion all over your body. Let it sink into your skin for a few minutes and pat dry with a towel. This product has truly changed my life! I recommend the green tea oil scent.

2015 Beauty Favorites
Etude House Tear Eye Liner
Whenever I want to add something extra to my makeup look I apply this glitter liner to my inner corners. It wakes up my face and makes me feel special.

Softlips Lip Cube
If you want to moisturize your lips but you are sick of the boring Chapstick packaging then behold the Softlips cube lip balm! Unlike the EOS lip balm, it actually moisturizes your lips and has a unique packaging!

Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer
If you are looking for a full coverage concealer this is it! You can camouflage any pimple or imperfections with this concealer, it's that amazing! One tube is about the size of a bb cream and will last you forever! Review here.

2015 Beauty Favorites
Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar
My body can't seem to hold a scent for too long so perfumes and body spray easily fall off my skin within a few minutes of application. However, these perfume bars by Tony Moly can actually stick to me! Eventually, the scent does fade but I can reapply throughout the day because they're portable. I keep one in my bag and pop it out whenever I need to freshen up!

2015 Beauty Favorites
Lalavesi Akma Formula Base Cushion "Ice Cutie" Special Limited Edition
Hands down my favorite foundation/bb/cc/cushion I  used this year! It's the perfect coverage for me and again it's travel-friendly. Full review here.

2015 Beauty Favorites
Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF 45
After using a few sunscreens in 2015 I noticed that the safe block by Missha is absolutely perfect! It's light and blends in really easily. You can view my whole review on this sunscreen here.

2015 Beauty Favorites
L'oreal Miss Manga Voluminous Rock Waterproof Mascara
I'm really picky about mascara because of there so many out there and most of them suck. I wasn't really impressed with the original Miss Manga mascara so I wasn't expecting the rock version to satisfy me either. boy was I wrong! Read my full review here to find out why I adore this mascara!

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner
I've always found gel eyeliner to be extremely difficult to use because most of the gel eyeliners I used before were really thick and dry. However, my opinions on gel liner all changed after trying the Tony Moly backstage gel liner. It's so smooth and glides on effortlessly! Review here.

2015 Beauty Favorites
Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner
In 2015 I started using Korean toners and they are 100% more amazing then western toners. This toner by Secret Key is moisturizing and light and doesn't dry out my skin, unlike western toners. Read the full review here.

2015 Beauty Favorites
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow
I also started using Korean eyebrow pencils and they are amazing! They're better than any other eyebrow products I ever used! I used two different types of Korean eyebrow pencils in 2015 but I decided to pick the Etude Huse eyebrow pencil because it's the one that made me love Korean eyebrow products,

2015 Beauty Favorites
Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask Gel Moisturizer
I have such a hard time finding a good moisturizer because my skin is so picky! So whenever I find a moisturizer that my skin loves I must hold on to for as long as I can! Even though I thought this was a sleeping mask I later found out that it's a pretty darn good moisturizer! Review here.

2015 Beauty Favorites
These are my top four nail polishes I was obsessed within 2015. I probably wore this for a total of 4 weeks straight, on my nails because these colors are fabulous! Essie Virgin Snow and Dandy Blossom, China Glaze Trebel Maker and Color Club Diggin The Dancing Queen. I

2015 Beauty Favorites
What was your absolute favorite beauty product you discovered in 2015?


  1. I've heard so much about the Aritaum full cover liquid concealer!
    I really need to get my hands on them XD
    hehe I think one of my favourite beauty products I discovered last year is the 3CE foundation - it is so nice & it just matches my skin so well ^^
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Play 101 Stick Review

    1. You really should! It's amazing! I've heard many positive reviews on 3ce products, I should check some of their products out. <3


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