Disney Tsum Tsums ♥ My Collection

My Tsum Tsum Collection
Sorry I've been gone for week! My stupid camera broke on me last weekend and I basically had a meltdown! Thankfully, my older sister gave me one of her old cameras to use. I thought it was going to suck (because it looks really old) but it actually ended up taking some pretty decent photos. So after taking a week long hiatus from my blog I'm finally back!

I thought it would be cute to share my Tsum Tsum obsession collection with you guys. My tsum tsum collection has been rapidly increasing the past couple of months. I get most of my Tsum Tsums online or at Target but I recently heard that they're starting to sell some at Walmart! I keep my tsum tsums on this cute heart shaped shelf that I bought from Target. I saw a lot of people on Twitter and Instagram use this shelf to store their Tsum Tsums and I loved it so much that I tracked it down and finally bought it! 

My Tsum Tsums Collection
On the upper left part of the heart I have these Tsum Tsums. I currently don't have them lined in any particular order but I think I might rearrange them later on. So far I only have duos like Anna and Elsa and Jasmine and Rajah.

My Tsum Tsums Collection
Here are my other Tsums Tsums on the other side of the heart. Can you name them all?

My Tsum Tsums Collection
These are the last of my Tsum Tsums. I keep my new Valentine's Candy Box Set Tsum Tsums here. On the top center I have my peas in a pod Tsum Tsum, it's so hard to arrange these little guys though.

In the middle of my heart display I have this pink sequined happy sign. I found this at the Target Dollar spot, for a dollar. It's really cute! I previously kept my Animal Crossing Amiibo figures on this section but later moved them because I like how the happy sign looked.

My Tsum Tsums Collection
Do any of you collect Tsum Tsums?

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