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Message In A Bottle Necklace ♥ DIY

Message In A Bottle Necklace DIY
Here is the second DIY I created for you guys! You can view my first Valentine's Day project here. Today I'm showing you how to make a message in a bottle necklace. This is a really simple DIY gift that you can easily create in a few minutes and gift to your friends, sisters, classmates, etc!

Message In A Bottle Necklace DIY
You will need
- Scissors
- Necklace cord or chain
- Heart hole puncher
- Mini bottle
- Cute patterned paper
- Note pad paper (regular paper works too)
- Jewelry split ring
- Jewelry eye pin
- Jewelry pliers (I use this one)
- String or thread (not pictured)

Message In A Bottle Necklace DIY
Let's start with what's in the bottle. First, I punched out a few hearts out from some cute patterned paper. Then with the notepad paper, I rolled it into a little tube and wrapped some pink thread to hold the roll in place. To personalize your necklace you can write a message in the paper.

Message In A Bottle Necklace DIY
Now stuff all your hearts and message inside the bottle.

Message In A Bottle Necklace DIY
With your pliers open the split ring and attach both the necklace cord and eye pin, then close the ring. Cut the eye pin the size of the cork lid. Carefully create a mini hole in the cork with the eye pin and push down until the eye pin is securely inside the cork piece.

Message In A Bottle Necklace DIY
Apply the cork lid on to the bottle and you are done! You can always add glitter, beads, sand and other things inside the bottle to make it look cute!

Message In A Bottle Necklace DIY
Do you like making your own Valentine's Day gifts?


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