My Planner Clips ♥ Stationery Collection

My Planner Clip Collection
I love using planner clips to separate sections in my planner. They are cute bookmarks that keep my pages organized. I always keep a clip on my weekly spread and one on the monthly calendar. Let's take a close look at my planner clip collection!

My Planner Clip Collection
My Planner Clip Collection
I currently have six planner paper clips. The cute blue kitty, the two Marie and Baymax clips are all from Cute By Design Co. The pink glittery cow is from The Angel Shoppe. Lastly, the sleep mask is a DIY I posted a few months ago. My favorite of the group has to be the Marie shaker clip! I use with almost every spread because it's so cute!

My Planner Clip Collection
Do you use planner clips?

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  1. These are so cute 😊


    1. I know! I'm always tempted to buy more but I think 6 is good enough(for now...) <3