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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ♥ Game Review

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review
I'm not the biggest Pokemon fan but I did grow up with Pokemon so it does hold a special place in my heart. When I heard the newest Pokemon installment to the series I didn't care much about it but when I saw the preview of the game on the last Nintendo Direct I thought it looked cute. Well, I received the game on Christmas and have been playing it for a few weeks now so here are my thoughts on Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review
You start off the game by taking a short quiz. The results of the quiz are the Pokemon that best suits you personally if you do not like the Pokemon that was chosen for you you can hand-select one of the past starter Pokemon that is available to choose from. After you choose your Pokemon you must pick a Pokemon companion. Once you awaken you realize that you are the first Pokemon picked and that you magically transformed into a Pokemon! Later you stumbled across into a Pokemon village and you start living life as a Pokemon would.

The begging is pretty slow and I must admit that I was a bit bored/annoyed with the school part of the game. Then there is a lot of text at the beginning which is also annoying. The dungeons were kind of hard at first too because the wild Pokemon would keep attacking me and there is no way to run away from them, making it hard to complete the mission at times.

It's a cute game but I definitely think that they were aiming for a younger crowd with this game. With that said, I still think avid fans of the Pokemon series will still enjoy this game. However, I personally wasn't glued on to it as I would be with other games.

You can purchase Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon here

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review
What's your favorite Pokemon game?


  1. I love pokemon, this one and the others are the only ones i dont have, i usually get a new one everytime there out, but i have played the demo to this and love it so im going to have to save up =]


    1. It's pretty cute and I think a lot of Pokemon fans will really enjoy this addition. <3


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