The Tsum Tsum TAG

Tsum Tsum TAG
With today being Tsum Tsum Tuesday and I decided to create a Tsum Tsum Tag! I thought it would be fun if there was a Tsum Tsum tag for all of us Tsum Tsum addicts so I created one myself! This is a 13 questioned tag all about the Disney Tsum Tsums. Share this with all your Tsum Tsum buddies, I would love to see your answers!

1. How many Tsum Tsums do you own?
41 but I have a few on the way.

2. Which Tsum Tsums from your collection are your favorite?
Marie, Baymax, all of the princesses and the candy box set.

3. Where do you keep your Tsum Tsums?
On a heart display that I got from Target. You can view my collection on it here.

4. What other Tsum Tsum goodies do you own?
I have lip balm, mug, plates, socks, planner clips and a key chain. I probably have more but this is all I can remember.

5. How much have you spent on one Tsum Tsums purchase?
I think it was $62. I bought a set along with two other tsum tsums.

6. What Tsum Tsums are on your wishlist?
I really want the Aristocats from the cat series that was released in Japan not too long ago.

7. What's the last Tsum Tsum(s) you bought?
A few hours ago I bought Princess Leia, Chewy, Yoda and Ewok from the Star Wars collection.

8. What collection are you excited for?
The Tangled collection!

9. Favorite collections released (so far)?
Alice In Wonderland even though they haven't officially released them you can find a few of them at Target.

10. Least favorite collection released?
Zootopia. Did anybody actually like this series?

11. Which collection would like to see in the future?
I would like to see some Japanese collections to be released in the states.

12. Where do you buy most of your Tsum Tsums?
Target and the Disney Store.

13. Do you own any Tsum Tsums from Japan?
I have a Halloween Minnie but that's all. I really want to expand my Japanese Tsum Tsum collection though.

Tsum Tsum TAG
Do you collect Tsum Tsums?

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  1. Tsum-tsums are cute, but I can't imagine owning 41 or more haha! :D


    1. 41 isn't that bad though! I've seen some people on Instagram who have more then a hundred!<3