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The Weekend Guide #1

Bunny Butts & Doughnuts ♥ The Weekend Guide #1
Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm starting a few blog series called, The Weekend Guide! I've seen many bloggers do this type of post but it was Abby who inspired me to start posting these weekly posts! This post will basically be a Weekend Guide filled with things I'm currently obsessed with, reading, listening, watching, crafting, etc. I will also be sharing pictures and information about what I did this week and what I have planned for the weekend.

This weekend is Easter Sunday! We don't really celebrate Easter but we are going to have Lucy's third Easter hunt! We put treats in those pastel-colored plastic eggs and hide them in our backyard. She sniffs out the eggs with her nose and we open the eggs for her and she eats the treats. It's super cute! I will post a picture on my Instagram on Sunday. I'm also thinking of starting an Instagram account for Lucy. Would any of you follow my adorable Pomeranian puppy? I follow so many puppy accounts so opening one for my dog seems like common sense. hehe

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Crochet Donuts Pattern (I used this pattern to make the bunny butt and bird doughnuts)

Bunny Butts & Doughnuts ♥ The Weekend Guide #1
What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Love the crochet bunny butt =] and doughnuts are my fave too


    1. Thanks! It's inspired by a doughnut that Kristy Kreme makes! <3

  2. How good is Taemin's album!? I'm really enjoying it at the minute. I'm not really a big GOT7 fan though, but I can always give them another try. Your donuts are so adorable! x

    Liz ~ www.dreaming-of-diamonds.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I only heard Taemin's album once but I remember loving a lot of the songs! When Press Your Number first came out I was listening to it on repeat nonstop! Love that song! I highly recommend GOT7's new album. I think this is their best album yet! Thanks for checking out my blog! <3


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