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Brush Care 101
Just like your face, you have to cleanse your makeup tools regularly too. It's annoying, a hassle and we all don't want to do it but it's an essential! By washing your makeup brushes you are preventing breakouts and the transfer of germs and bacterial throughout your face. Today I am showing you how I properly clean my makeup brushes and cushion puffs. Which are a pain in the butt to clean! However, I found the quickest and easiest way to clean them and it only requires one thing, well technically three!

Brush Care 101
I bought the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette not to long ago and have been using it to wash all my makeup tools. It's soooo amazing! The hot pink palette is made out of silicon and comes with a handle on the back so you can attach it to your hand. The surface contains three different size silicon dots that help remove all the dirt and oil off your tools. The package included two samples of the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel. I've only used the gel a few times and it's pretty decent.

Previously, I would just wash all my beauty tools on my hand with some brush cleaner and water. But all the water would irritate my hand. So I bought this and it's now one of my favorite purchases of this year! This cleaning palette has changed my whole brush cleansing process and has made this processes quick and easy!

Brush Care 101
As for what I use to cleans my beauty tools, I use the Sonia Kashuk Brush + Sponge Cleaner. It's a spray cleaner, which means it's faster to use! I simply spritz the brush cleaner onto the cleaning palette and carefully and quickly sanitize my brushes. I brush my brushes in back-and-forth motion and then rinse. I repeat this process until the water off the brush rinses clear and the bristles look clean.

How To Clean Cushion Puffs
What I love about this palette is that it does a remarkable job at cleaning cushion puffs! I simply spritz the palette and gently scrub the puffs a few times and they're fresh and new! Before, I would simply just throw away my cushion puffs because I was fed up with how much I cleaned them! I would clean them over and over again and they still had makeup residue all in them! If you frequently use cushion foundations I would recommend you buy this palette so you can easily clean your puffs.

Brush Care 101
How do you clean your makeup tools? and how often?

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