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My Japanese Fashion Books Collection

My Japanese Fashion Books Collection
I have always had a love for Japanese fashion. I have countless Japanese magazines, books and follow many Japanese models blogs. I can't understand a word of what they say but the way they piece together outfits and the way they edit their photos inspire me! My favorite magazines are Zipper, Popteen, and Nylon Japan. As for books, I have a stack of Harajuku fashion bloggers/models books that I will be showing today. Every model has a different style so each book is unique.

My Japanese Fashion Books Collection
Natsume San by Mito Natsume
This was my first ever model book. I first saw a preview of this book on Harajuku Kawaii TV (whatever happened to that show?) and I was hooked! Her style is quirky kid meets stylish grandma. She's not my favorite model but I love her odd taste in fashion. You can see a preview of this book here.

My Japanese Fashion Books Collection
Ayumi Seto Complete Book Ayumi Kidz
Ayumi is my all-time favorite Japanese model and the one who got in interested in Harajuku fashion. Her cute doll-like features is what drew me to Ayumi. Her style is high school tomboy with a hint of retro flair. In Ayumi's first fashion book it features many of her past looks, lifestyle favorites, beauty looks, and tutorials, along with an inside look at her brand, Aymmy.

Kidult Girl Ayumi Seto Style Book
A few years past and now Ayumi has a second book! It's bigger and contains more content than her first. In Ayumi's Style Book it shows how her style has evolved since her first book. This book offers a closer look at her current looks, beauty and lifestyle favorites. She also shares her past hair cuts and styles. There is also a closer look at her (now successful) fashion brand, Aymmy. I think it's amazing how far her company has come since she released her first book! I'm so proud of Ayumi!

I would've shown a preview of this book like I have with all my Japanese model books. However, the book got wet in the mail and is all wrinkly now. You can't tell in the picture but in real life, it looks like a dried-up newspaper. I could have returned it for a new one but that would've taken longer (it took me like 2 months to get this book) and then I would've had to pay for overseas shipping so I just kept it instead.

My Japanese Fashion Books Collection
Nowhere by Culumi Nakada
Now onto Culumi's style book, Nowhere. I became interested in Culumi's style after seeing her hang out with Ayumi so often. Her style is dark 90's grudge rock chic. Culumi owns this look though and makes her causal outfits look effortlessly fashionable. She wears a lot of blacks (which isn't my cup of tea) but how she wears it with black hair inspires me to play with my look. I myself have black hair and hate wearing too much black because I feel like a goth. Preview here!

My Japanese Fashion Books Collection
Get Up Girly For Neo Girly Girls Directed by Amo
Out of all the books I've shown this one suits my aesthetic the best. Amo is a very popular Harajuku model who models for various brands. She's one of my favorite models (next to Ayumi). Her style is really feminine with a splash of cutesy girly. She's like the Alice of Wonderland (by wonderland I mean Tokyo). I love it when she wears cute outfits but I've noticed she prefer simple feminine looks now. This book is really cute and her recommendations are amazing! Definitely pick this book up if you're a girly like Amo and me!

My Japanese Fashion Books Collection
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