Michaels + Target Finds ♥ Stationary Haul

Michaels & Target Stationary Haul
I haven't posted a stationary haul in the longest time! Remember back when I posted a stationary/sticker haul post every Monday? The truth is that I have purchased a few stationary goodies every now and then but nothing huge, not haul-worthy anyways. Yesterday, I went to Target and Michael's Craft Store in search for some Easter stickers to decorate my weekly spread but had no luck! However, I did find some other stationary goods that I would share with you guys.

Michaels & Target Stationary Haul
Let's start with my Target stationary finds first! My local Target use to carry so much Dollar Spot stationary goods but lately they're not restocking as much as they use to. Which saddens me because I always see planner accounts on Instagram posting their impressive Dollar Spot selections.

Anyways, here are a few goods I've found on my past Target trips. I found this cute notepad set with a large magnet notepad that says "market", a mini strawberry note pad and a pen, all for $3. Honestly, I just bought this because of the strawberry notepad! I also found a really cute bunny pen and some cute purple floral post cards. These are both from past trips but they are so cute I just had to share with you guys!

Michaels & Target Stationary Haul
Now onto my Michael's purchases! I've been searching for these Happy Planner pocket folders for the longest time! But finally my local Michael's finally had them! I plan on using these to keep all my stickers that don't fit in my sticker books.

They also had two of the new Happy Planners, which I was so tempted to buy but I held myself back! I'm hoping they come out with another planner decorative cover pack that contains the newest Happy Planner covers because they're too adorable!

Michaels & Target Stationary Haul
Like I said earlier I was looking for Easter stickers but couldn't find them! However, I did find these really cute chalkboard-like stickers. They are also by The Happy Planner/Create 365/MAMBI. It comes with 5 sheets of stickers. There pretty big stickers so I might use them in my monthly spreads rather then the weekly spread.

Michaels & Target Stationary Haul
Since I couldn't find any Easter stickers I tried looking for some floral or spring sticker but couldn't find any either. I'm probably just going to have to buy them off of Esty. I haven't ordered any Etsy planner stickers in a while because every time I do I spend too much! I've been trying to hold myself back and use up the current stickers I have before I make my next Etsy purchase. Looks like it's time! Michael's did have some gorgeous washi tape though! They had very springy and glittery washi for $1.99 so I bought these two rolls.

Michaels & Target Stationary Haul
When is the last time you bought some stationary goods?

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    1. I know! Still upset that I couldn't find any Spring/Easter stickers though. <3