My Beauty Diary Red Vine Sheet Mask ♥ Beauty Review

My Beauty Diary Red Vine Sheet Mask Review
I'll start off by saying I am a huge fan of sheet masks! They are one of my favorite skincare items to use! They are an effortless way to moisturize your skin and make your skin look radiant! I've tried a slew of sheet masks but today we're focusing on one by My Beauty Diary. Oh and did I mention this is a group review, featuring my older sister! The specific mask my sister and I are reviewing today is "Red Vine," though they clearly mean "Red Wine" by the bottle image. (That's okay MBD, we still love you! ) My sister has tried the Black Pearl and Imperial Bird's Nest with spectacular results before. Check out my sister's previous beauty review here.

My Beauty Diary Red Vine Sheet Mask Review
My Beauty Diary Red Vine Sheet Mask Review
My Beauty Diary Red Vine Sheet Mask Review
Product description
"The My Beauty Diary Red Vine Facial Masks provides antioxidant ability, protects the skin from external irritation and enhances the double mechanism of retaining and sealing water, rejuvenating the skin to its original nourished state and radiance."

You'll want to keep it on for about a good 45 minutes or more because it's just so wet. I usually do less because I can't stand not having my glasses on. I did notice afterwards it left a slight pinkness on my cheeks. Not sure if that was because of me doing my leg stretches at the same time (I have bouts of questionable choices) or it it's that red wine extract voodoo going on.

First impression
M: As soon as I removed this mask from the packaging I was punched in the face with a strong red vine wine scent, which I wasn't a fan of. The mask is soaked in this red wine essence which means it takes longer for the mask to fully absorb into your skin. I usually keep sheet masks on my face until they fully dry. After the mask was semi-damp I removed the sheet mask and was left with a soft and brighter complexion.

S: Have you ever been hit by the smell of red, red wine? *cue the 80s song* Because that's exactly what it smells like! I was like wtf. The ingredients list clarifies that it's just fruit extracts though. No alcoholic content here! It's also suuuuper moist. I love that because I got some scratchy dry skin.

M: I couldn't stand the scent so I probably wouldn't buy it. However, it's a pretty decent sheet mask and if you like red wine I would recommend this mask.

S: This is a fun mask. My go-to is still imperial bird's nest, but consider this one of my favorites! I got 10 masks for $15, and that's a steal for me. (I'll forever question Sephora charging upwards of $6 for a single mask. Come on.) Worth your well earned cash!

You can purchase the My Beauty Diary Red Vine Mask here

My Beauty Diary Red Vine Sheet Mask Review
What's your favorite sheet mask?

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  1. I'd love to try sheet masks 😊

    1. You should they make your skin look and feel amazing! They are also pretty affordable, depending on which ones your buy. <3