My Holy Grail Beauty Products ♥ All Time Favorites

My Holy Grail Beauty Products
Today I'm sharing four of my all time favorite must have beauty products that I cannot live without! These are my 'holy grail' items that I've bought multiple times. I've probably bought all these products more then five times each! I'm excited to share my favorite four beauty products with you guys, so let's get started!

My Holy Grail Beauty Products
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
This is my favorite green masks ever! It's a mint green colored mask that smells like mint and it leaves amazing results! After I use this my skin looks and feels fresh, soft, clear and smooth!

Ahava Time To Clear Rich Cleansing Cream
The first time I used this cleanser it was like meeting my soulmate! My skin absolutely loves this rich cream cleanser! It brightens my dull complexion and makes my skin feel super hydrated. If you have combination skin I would highly recommend this cleanser! Just make sure not to get this cleanser in your eye's because this stuff stings like crazy!

My Holy Grail Beauty Products
Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid in Waterproof
I sweat more then the average person, especially during summer! This is the only deodorant that I've found that can actually handle my strong sweat, The only downside with this is that it's pretty pricey and you don't get a lot of product in the bottle (1/3 of the bottle is actual deodorant).

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat
This is my all time favorite top coat! I've bought multiple bottles of this top coat and it's still my favorite! It's affordable, dries in less then 3 minutes and you can find it pretty much anywhere! I can't live without it!

My Holy Grail Beauty Products
What's one of your favorite beauty products you can't live without?

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