Panda Bear Cafe ♥ Weekly Planner Spread

Panda Bear Cafe Planner Spread
I was suppose to post this yesterday but I woke up late and was then out all day, so I'm posting it today instead. This week's weekly spread was inspired by Polar Bear's Cafe (aka Shirokuma Cafe), a cute and witty anime about animals mingling around in a human world. It's a really cute show with no plot line so it's the perfect easy watching show. In the show Panda owns a lot of panda accessories, that inspired me to create a panda cafe theme!

Panda Bear Cafe Planner Spread
This is the finished spread! I had a problem finding the perfect washi for this spread because I don't have any green colored washi tape so I used this autumn tree washi, which has a touch of earthy colors. To match the bigger washi tape I used a thin lime colored washi to match. I didn't think this color scheme would work together but surprisingly it did!

Panda Bear Cafe Planner Spread
I drew some drawings inspired by some of the desserts from the show. Well, the left drawing was actually inspired by the panda doughnut from California Donuts. I saw a picture of some on Instagram and had to draw one! The second drawing was inspired by one of the panda desserts from the show. It's suppose to be a parfait but it looks like a sundae.

Panda Bear Cafe Planner Spread
I forgot to tell you guys last week that I started doing 50 sit ups a day, after I complete my workouts. I eventually want to do 100 sit ups but I will work myself up. I'm actually pretty good at sit ups but adding them at the end of my daily workouts makes it difficult sometimes. Another thing I recently started was daily sheet masks! A lot of Korean actress and idols use sheet masks daily (that's the secret to their beauty skin) so I want to try too. I will update you guys with a post in about month to let you know how my results were.

Panda Bear Cafe Planner Spread
How many pandas can you find in this week's spread?

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  1. I found 14 =] I love pandas too

    1. There is actually 16! But the first time I counted I found 14 too! <3