Woodland Creatures Theme ♥ Weekly Planner Spread

Woodland Creatures Theme Planner Spread
I'm back with another weekly planner spread! After taking last Sunday off I'm excited to share this week's spread with you all! This week's theme was woodland creatures!

Woodland Creatures Theme Planner Spread
For this week I've used a set of winter woodland box stickers from Scribble Prints Co that I bought in December. I was going to wait to use these until autumn but I've been tempted to use them since I received them in the mail. As for the washi tape, I used this winter wonderland washi tape from Tiny Bees. Since I didn't want this spread to be 100% winter theme (but it's still technically winter though) I added some pastel blue washi tape and other spring features to light up the spread. Overall, I adored this weekly spread, but then again I say that about all my planner spreads!

Woodland Creatures Theme Planner Spread
Here is the left side of this week. I'm slowing starting to run out of stickers so it looks like I'm due for a large Etsy sticker order soon! Also, can we talk about the latest Tangled Tsum Tsums? They're so adorable! I can't wait to share pictures of them with you guys!

Woodland Creatures Theme Planner Spread
Here is the right side. On Thursday it was Nintendo Direct, which by the way I'm sooo pumped for the new Kirby game! Kirby games are so fun and cute so I'm really excited for the newest Kirby game to be released!

Woodland Creatures Theme Planner Spread
What theme should I do next?

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  1. What about a "under the sea" theme?

    1. I had a mermaid theme planned for summer. But I think I might bump it up because I can't wait for summer! <3