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4 New Daily Habits I've Added To My Routine Recently

Adding Daily Habits To My Routine
I love starting new projects and testing them to see if they actually work or not. Today I will be sharing a few of my current habits that I will be performing daily for the next couple of weeks. I eventually want to incorporate these into my regular routine.

Sheet Mask A Day
You probably already know this habit. I've been using a sheet mask everyday since March. I've been meaning to write a post on this but haven't yet. Maybe I will post it in May after two months have pasted to share my experience using a mask every day.

Face Rolling/V-line
I have owned a face roller for years, but never use it. I bought it a long time ago because I wanted to slim my face. I have a very round face with no angles so I would like to slim it down and possibly create a visibly v-line. I'm not sure whether or not this face roller will actually work (the longest I used it daily was for a week) but I'm crossing my fingers!

Arm + Ab Workouts
Sometimes I just don't have an hour to workout because it's too late or I'm just exhausted. But I don't mind spending 10-15 minutes working on my problem areas. So every day I am going to spend a few minutes working on my arms and abs. So far I've been doing 100 crunches a day and following a five-minute arm video. Hopefully, performing these daily will define my arms and abs.

What are some of your daily habits?


  1. My daily habits include a face roller & eye massager. My face, especially the eye area gets super puffy in the morning so I try to de puff whenever I have extra time on my hand. A sheet mask per day sounds really interesting! How do you like it so far? :)

    xx Erika

    1. I've noticed I get less pimples and my skin feels more hydrated. Adding an extra 15 minutes each night can be time consuming tho. But I think it's worth it. <3


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