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The Weekend Guide #3

The Weekend Guide #3
This week sickness has been floating around through our house. It started with my younger sister then my older sister caught it and I think my dad has it now. I'm trying to stay away from them as much as possible because nobody likes being sick. I've been drinking warm tea and trying to eat healthily so I don't catch anything. I'm already battling allergies I don't want to be sick!

Last Saturday I received Twinkie's second crochet book and have been crocheting food nonstop! There is so many adorable crochet projects in this book that I want to make! I started with the birthday cake toilet paper cozy but have yet to finish it (I stop at the shell border). Then I made the steak magnet last night! I gave it to Lucy as a dog toy, she loves it! I'll make a separate post later reviewing the book and show off the projects I made so far.

This weekend I will be catching up on Sailor Moon Crystal! The newest season just started but I never finished the previous episodes so I'm excited to catch up. Speaking of Sailor Moon, last week I said I was going to crochet something Sailor Moon themed but I haven't even started it! I received my Twinkie Chan book the following day after I typed that post so I completely forgot about it! I'm still not sure whether or not the project will come out well but I will try to get started on it this weekend. If it comes out well I will share pictures.

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The Weekend Guide #3
Any Sailor Moon fans out there? Are you up to date on Sailor Moon Crystal?


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