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The Weekend Guide #2

The Weekend Guide #2
You guys seemed to love my first Weekend Guide and that makes me excited to post these! Thank you for all the positive feedback on my Easter doughnuts! I forgot to mention that they were inspired by Krispy Kreme's Easter doughnuts. After I finished making those doughnuts I was inspired by California Donuts and made their famous panda doughnut! I have never tried their doughnuts but I imagine them tasting heavenly! Speaking of which, I still haven't had any doughnuts! lol

For those who missed it, I posted this important post on Monday. It's on a few changes that will be happening in the upcoming weeks. To summarize, I'm reopening my Etsy shop (sign up to get notified when I reopen!) and changing my blog name to divide my shop and blog from each other. I will update you guys again when I have more news and share sneak peeks on my new crochet items!

Obsessed With
Pastel nail polishes
Cherry blossoms
Easter candy
Alpaca leggings (these)

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Mask Maven
China Glaze nail polishes
White tennis skirt

Ear Worms
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Worth Watching
Tangled (It's on Disney Channel this Sunday!) 
Descendants of the Sun

Something Sailor Moon themed...
Crocheted animal pastries

How was your week? What are you doing this weekend?


  1. I watched Tangled the other day, such a good film =]


    1. I love Tangled! It's my favorite princess movie! Can't wait for this Sunday! <3

  2. Ahh thank you for the mention! <3 The crocheted panda is adorable! I can't wait to see the Sailor Moon themed project too. Sailor Moon is one of my favourite anime series. Haha that GIRLS GIRLS song is kinda catchy after you listen to it a few times over x

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds | Bloglovin'

    1. The other day I stalked you and went through your past posts! You have a really nice blog! You have a new reader! Hopefully the Sailor Moon project goes as planned. The GIRLS GIRLS song makes me cringe! But as soon as the hook hits I find myself bopping my head and singing along! lol <3

  3. Ahh Thank you! (: Haha I love cringey songs! I love a lot of the American releases of Kpop stars but I know a lot of people find those cringey. My favourite is SE7EN's Girls featuring Lil' Kim x


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