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The Weekend Guide #10

The Weekend Guide #10
This week I agreed to watch my uncle's girlfriend 7 years old daughter for the next few weeks. I started babysitting her on Tuesday and she wore me out! Since then I've been completely exhausted! I didn't know she would be such a handful! Don't get me wrong she behaves really well but she's really active. She doesn't even nap! She arrives at around 7 am and doesn't leave until 4-6 pm and doesn't even nap once! I let her watch movies, go outside and play but nothing seems to work! At least next week I will have my younger sister helping me take care of her. She officially started her summer vacation today.

Meanwhile, I've been battling my sleep schedule. It all started last week when I stayed up past 2am. Last night I didn't sleep until 7am! I was going to try to catch up on my sleep next week because I was supposed to be on summer break, However, I may actually have to work after all. So I need to catch up this weekend. If any of you have any sleep tips, please let me know!


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