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My Daily Mask Experience

My Daily Mask Experience
Today marks two month since I started using a sheet mask every single day! I started this habit back in March because many Asian actresses/idols swear by wearing sheet masks daily. I've always wanted to try this so I bought a few masks online and have been finishing my day with a mask every night since then. Throughout this experience, I've discovered many advantages and a few disadvantages of using sheet masks daily.

No Pimples
Yes, you heard me! Once I started using sheet masks everyday I noticed a significant decrease in pimples. In fact, I do not even remember the last time I had a giant red pimple that lasted for days! Sometimes I would feel (sometimes see) a pimple start forming but the next morning after I used my mask it would magically disappear or decrease in size to the point where you can't even see it!

Moisturized Face
My face has never felt so moisturized in my life! Using sheet masks daily has really helped make my skin stay hydrated. Before I had dry patches on my chin but thanks to the sheet mask my skin feels and looks moisturized!

New Favorites
Since starting this challenge I've discovered many new sheet masks that have become my new favorites! You may have noticed quite a few sheet masks in my past monthly beauty favorites. This is because I've tried so many different types of masks that I wouldn't have tried if I wasn't on this challenge.

Before I started using sheet masks daily one of my fears was the cost. But honestly, if you buy in bulk via eBay or Amazon it's not as pricey as it seems. I bought a Tony Moly sheet mask set of 11 for $13 on eBay, which is a pretty amazing deal! So, if you want to start using sheet masks everyday then I would recommend buying at least two-to-three week's worth of sheet mask to start off.

Time Consuming
One of the biggest struggles with this challenge is time. Especially, on days when I work and have to workout at night! I also wait until most of the sheet mask has dried up before I remove my masks so that's the extra time I could be sleeping. But after using sheet masks for two months I have gotten use to this routine and it doesn't really bother me as much as it used to. I simply apply on a mask watch a show or a few videos on Youtube, remove, pat in remaining essence and finish with my skincare regime.

How often do you use masks?


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