Driving To Mexico ♥ The Weekend Guide #13

Weekend Guide #13
As you guys are reading this I will be on the road (probably in Mississippi) driving to Mexico. It's a 2 day trip so I will be in the car until Sunday! I'm writing this Thursday night as I paint my nails and finish packing. I get so bored so easily in the car so I'm packing lots of things to entertain me like a book, magazines, my Nintendo 3DS, etc. The first day isn't bad but as soon as we arrive to Mexico I'm ready to jump off! Nothing but mountains and desert for hours! There is barely any pit spots or gas stations either so my bladder is going to burst! Speaking of, the next two days I'm going to be so dry it's not even funny. I usually drink eight 16 oz bottles of water a day, but because I don't want to get off and pee every minute I'm going to lay off the water until we arrive to my grandmas house.

We are also bringing Lucy with us for the first time. I have never traveled with a dog to Mexico before but hopefully she will behave well. She was really concerned when we packed her bed and treats in the car. I bet she's going to worry like crazy when she sees the car packed with all our belongings. She's also on heat (which is fun) hopefully she won't be too messy in the car. We have taken her to Orlando before and she was alright but then again that was an 8 hour trip not a 2 day. Wish us luck! I will be snap chatting our adventures (user: mooeyandfriends).

Ear Worms
Hamilton: Original Broadway Cast Recording (After watching the Tony's last weekend my sister and I have been obsessed with Hamilton! She's been playing it nonstop and got me hooked too! I recommend listening to the whole album at least once then replying your favorites. I love the whole album but especially the first half.)

Worth Watching
Reply 1997 (Loved this drama! Best of the Reply series!)
Mischievous Kiss 2: Love In Tokyo (I started watching this with my sister last weekend. I really loved the first season of Mischievous Kiss and this picks up where that one left off)

Blog Posts From The Week
My Bullet Journal Pages 1-11 (No bullet journal pages on Sunday because I honestly haven't used my journal at all this week! But I'm bringing my journal to Mexico!)
Vegan Food Haul + Taste Test
Etude House Pink Vital Water Beauty Review

Where is the last place you traveled to?

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