First Week In Mexico ♥ The Weekend Guide #14

The Weekend Guide #14
Is it just me or was this week way too long? Well, it did for me! At least one of my three weeks in Mexico is finally complete! But, I'm honestly already sick of being here! I want to go home! I wouldn't have come if it weren't for my younger sister's sweet sixteen that we are going to celebrate next weekend. That's the only reason why I am here. I could write a whole book as to why I hate visiting Mexico but I will just endured the next two weeks, at least Lucy is with us (last year I cried every night because I missed her so much!).

While I'm at it I have to mention that the wifi at my grandma's house (where I'm currently saying at) died yesterday and now we're wifi-less. So I have no idea how I'm going to upload all my blog posts (I currently at Starbucks as I write this). That's why there was no blog post yesterday I will try to publish it tomorrow but no promises! Sorry in advance for the lack of blog posts. I will try to post as much as I possibly can since I already most of my blog post edited and written.

Currently Reading
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (I won a set of Gillian Flynn not too long ago and finally reading one of them)

Ear Worms
I Like That - SISTAR (LOVE this song! Way better then their last song)
Hustle (Ft. Mechiling) - Park Ki Ryang
Sugar and Me - San E + Raina

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