My Experience Using Curology ♥ Beauty Review

A couple of months ago I was dealing with really bad inflammation on my cheeks to the point I was wearing foundation everyday! The red pigmentation was really bad and it really made me feel insecure because I never dealt with a huge skin concern before (I've never had acne or anything before). But after watching this Michelle Phan video I decided to try Curology.

Curology is a prescription skincare treatment personalized for you. You answer a questionnaire and send a few photos a few of your face and an actual licensed healthcare provider prescribes a medication for your needs. For $19.95 a month you get your treatment sent to you and get to have consultations with your provider.

My bottle came nicely packaged in this small white box. It's the perfect size for one bottle.

My experience
I sent in photos and explained the problem with my inflammation. My healthcare provider, Jasmin Chang, prescribed me with this treatment. I used it every night for about a month.

The providers were very helpful and really sweet whenever I had questions. But I did have to switch to another healthcare provider for some reason (forgot her name) but she was also willing to answer any questions I had.

At first I would use the whole treatment all over my face but then just applied the treatment on the infected areas. The first week I didn't see any improvement but after 2 weeks I noticed the redness cheeks had died down. It was a subtle change to the point where I didn't notice. Even when I felt warmth in my face there wasn't any noticeable red patches on my cheeks.

Overall thoughts
I was really impressed with the Curology treatment that I was prescribed with. I honestly didn't think it would work and calm down my redness. With that said, I did unsubscribed after I received my treatment because I didn't want to get charged $20 (the first month was free). I also don't use the treatment every night anymore because I found another product that I think calms my redness better then this. However, if my inflammation comes back I will start using this treatment again.

Would I recommend this?
Yes! If you have major skincare concerns I highly recommend Curology! I feel like they actually want to help you improve your skin unlike other a skincare companies.

This pamphlet also came in the box. In contains all the information you may need along with the instructions on how to use the treatment.

I also received a sample size of this moisturizing body lotion for sensitive skin that has no parabens.

Have you used Curology before?

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I've been looking for a product like this!


    1. Glad to help! Thanks for checking out my blog! <3