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The Weekend Guide #16

The Weekend Guide
Stress is something that I can't seem to control. As someone who loves to be in control, this is a huge concern! Lately, I feel like my problems keep stacking up and it's stressing me out even more! Now I'm not someone who likes to broadcast what's going on in my private life but maybe some of you can give me some advice on how to relax.

Favorite Posts

Ear Worms
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What To Watch
Uncontrollably Fond (Just started watching this drama and love it the storyline so far! At first I didn't think Suzy's acting was believable but it gets better as the drama progresses)

Pokemon XY (After I got bored of Pokemon Go I started this game again. Forgot how much I love it! Can't wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon to be released!)

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How do you relieve stress?


  1. I'm so excited for sun and moon =]


    1. I know me too! I can't wait! I'm getting moon! ♥


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