Summer 2016 Playlist ♥ Summer Series

Summer 2016 Playlist
Guess who's birthday it is today? Mine! Yup, today I turn 23 years old! In honor of my birthday I gave my blog a fresh makeover. It's cleaner and less crowded then my previous design. The banner was created by Shiroiroom. If you want a custom design email her, she's really sweet and her illustrations are so cute! Along with a new banner I also added two new pages, patterns and reviews. I organized all my past crochet patterns and game, beauty and Korean beauty all in one place. I didn't realize I had so many! lol

Now onto the main reason for this post, my official summer playlist! Every year I combine all of my favorite Korean summer songs and make an epic summer playlist, this year is no different. I add new and old songs so if you are a fan of kpop then you may have a fun summer flashback. If you are new to kpop (or never heard it) hopefully one of these songs will become a annoying ear worm (you can thank me later!). Enjoy!

What's your favorite summer song? What do you think of the new blog design?

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