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What's In My Bag ♥ Summer Series

What's In My Summer Bag
It's time for a look inside my summer bag! I switch out the contents in my bag often. It all depends on where I'm going and what I'm doing so my bag swag isn't like this. Last year I also posted my summer bag and I think it's pretty funny that I carry the same stuff or similar items.

What's In My Summer Bag
My purse is a lilac pink Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Mini Mac. It may look small but it can carry a lot! I think it's the perfect size for me because it isn't too big (I hate oversize purses) or heavy but still cute! I got it for a birthday maybe 2-3 years ago. It's my favorite purse I own. The two key chains are from Mexico.

What's In My Summer Bag
(left to right) Forever 21 Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Skinnydip London Cat-nut Coin Purse, iPhone 6 with a macaron case, Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, Lychee Gummy Candy and headphones

These are the lifestyle items in my purse. Sunglasses, coin purse, phone headphones and some lychee gummies that my sister bought for me. She got them from Target. They're really yummy!

What's In My Summer Bag

I'm constantly switching out.the makeup in my bag depending on what makeup I'm wearing. This is what makeup products that were in my purse the day I took these pictures. As you can tell from the picture I tend to carry a lot of lip products. I love changing my lip color throughout the day!

What's In My Summer Bag
What are your must-have items that you need to keep in your bag during the summer?


  1. I see a lot of pink! :) It's so lovely. Your bag and phone case are so so adorable.

    1. Thanks! Pink is one of my favorite colors! ♥


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