Another Memebox Haul ♥ Ice Cream Surprise Reveal

Memebox Haul
I am back with another Memebox haul today! I know I just posted one not too long ago but I can't help it! Memebox has just been killing it with their offers. A few weeks ago Memebox posted four ice cream surprises on their website and I went crazy and bought all four! They didn't cost that much to begin with so I didn't feel guilty buying them (the prices ranged from $15-$1). Each ice cream surprise contains a mystery item that values more then the selling price. In case you wondered what's in each surprise I am going to unveil what I received in each of the ice cream surprises.

Memebox Haul
Memebox Haul
Along with my order I bought the Botanical Pure Mask 14 Day Oily Skin Kit. It contains 14 Botanical Sheet Packs and two Mellow Clay Masks. The set is $14 so each mask is a dollar and you get two additional samples of the Botanical Mellow Clay Masks. I bought this so I could build up my sheet mask collection. The kit is currently sold out but keep checking back because they post more throughout the week but they sell out fast. There is also a 30 day kit!

Memebox Haul
Cheerin' Cherry Ice Cream Surprise - Musteav Easy Go Foundation Brush ($27 value for $15)
Funny Funfetti Ice Cream Surprise - Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint in Virgin Red ($18 value for $6)
Moody Mint n' Chip Ice Cream Surprise - Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint in Vivid Scarlet ($12 value for $3)
Marvelous Mix Ice Cream Surprise - Tosowoong Help Me Neck Patch ($4 value for $1)

Overall I was REALLY disappointed! I didn't like any of the surprises I received. The neck patch original price is $3 but it's on sale for $2.50. The foundation brush isn't available anymore but I assume it's around $20 because another brush by Musteav is $24. What upset me the most is the Berrisom Lip Tints! They both cost $9 but the surprises are valued at $12 and $18. What a rip off! They couldn't give me something else instead of two tints?

I'm pretty sure every person who ordered a ice cream surprise I got one of those Berrisom Lip Tints.
I would've preferred an actual sheet mask instead of a neck patch. I mean who uses a neck patch? I will probably use everything I got eventually because I don't like to see things go to waste. Did you order any ice cream surprises? I've very curious to see what you got.

Memebox Haul
Did any of you take advantage of the ice cream surprise deals?

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  1. I was about to buy the ice cream surprises but, I decided against it. It sucks that they put the lip tints in the $12-$18 surprise. Seems like they just could not sell them. I'm with you in trying to build up a mask collection! I want to buy tons and use them throughout the week and see how glowy my skin gets!

    x Alex

    1. I was really excited to get my surprises but ended up being really disappointed. However Memebox still offers some amazing sheet masks sets. I would still recommend the website just not their mystery packs. I use sheet masks everyday and it's one of the best decisions I've made in my life! I never get pimples anymore! ♥