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The Weekend Guide #19

The Weekend Guide
Another Friday has arrived! This week I've been busy crocheting new projects. One of my new year's resolutions this year was to open up my Etsy shop again. I have so many ideas drawn out on paper but now the tricky part comes, creating them!

What motivated me to start working hard at my shop is actually Instagram Stories. Can you believe it? I follow a lot of Etsy sellers on Instagram and a lot of them have been sharing behind the scenes pictures and videos of their work. These handmade shops really inspired me to work on my shop more. One of the shops that I discovered recently that inspired me was Momomints. It's a really cute Canadian based shop that sells crochet goods and other accessories. The whole shop is really cute and it's basically what I want my shop to be.

Weekend To-Do List
Clean out closet
Tidy up desk area
Finish load of laundry
Go grocery shopping
Deposit money
Go to the eye clinic
Continue working on crochet projects
Post 2 pictures on Instagram

Shopping List
Almond milk
Body and foot lotion
Crafting supply organizer

Obsessed With
Rio 2016 Olympics (I've been watching the Olympics religiously all week!)
Moana Trailer (I'm so excited for this movie! Those coconut creatures are everything!)

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