Lifestyle Favorites ♥ July 2016

July 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Time for part 2 of my July favorites (check out my beauty favorites), this time lifestyle favorites! I haven't posted lifestyle favorites in a while because I never remember what items I'm loving by the end of the month. I've thought about combining both beauty and lifestyle favorites in one epic post of monthly favorites but I feel like that would be such a long post. Especially on months when I have loads of favorites. Let me know if you guys would prefer me to combine both or keep them separated.

July 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Disney's Zootopia
My number one favorite from this month is Zootopia! I honestly wasn't interested in watching the movie when it was in theaters but now I understand why people raved about Zootopia. It's such a fantastic film! It can relate to so much in this day and age. If you haven't seen it I advise you to do so. It's really cute!

Judy Hopps Tsum Tsum
Of course I had to buy the Judy Hopps Tsum Tsum after watching Zootopia. She's my spirit animal!

July 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Pokemon X
Since I wasn't a huge fan of Pokemon Go (used up too much space and battery on my phone) I decided to start playing Pokemon X again. This is my second time finishing the game and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time! I plan on tackling Pokemon Sapphire next!

"On Fleek" Dog Card
For my birthday my older sister bought me this card. The dog (Shih tzu or possibly a Yorkie?) has a bun with it's tongue sticking out. It's really cute so I thought I would include it.

Kinder Happy Hippo
My sister also gave me this, as requested by me. I've been looking for Happy Hippos since March and I finally had the chance to try them! They're hippo shaped biscuits with milk and cocoa cream filling and they taste amazing! Best treat ever! They cost $5 for 5 (which is a bad deal if you ask me but I didn't buy them so idc) so I will probably buy them off of Amazon next time.

July 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
What are your favorite items you discovered this month?

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