Charlotte Russe Drama + Mini Haul ♥ The Weekend Guide #24

The Weekend Guide #24
Sorry for such a late weekend guide post this week. Since I forgot to post on Thursday everything got pushed back a day. I was actually suppose to post this yesterday but I forgot! I didn't want to go a week without a weekly update, better late then never right?

This week the highlight of my week was when I called Charlotte Russe on Twitter. On Monday I tweeted about how Charlotte Russe hadn't shipped my order. I placed my order on 9/5 but never received a shipping conformation email or any other emails from them. I tried messaging them on their online contact thing but never received a response. I even messaged them on instagram but never heard anything back. So I found their twitter and called them out. I even started a discussion with another customer who was dealing with the same problem as me. Which was funny because while I was tweeting with her Charlotte Russe kept on contacting me. Finally I got a email saying my order was shipped on Tuesday. I received my order Friday and everything came and fit perfectly!

I've ordered from Charlotte Russe plenty of other times but since they revamped their website I feel like their customer service has been slacking. Even if I log in to my account I can't view my past orders from them so I can't view my all my information. So until they get their shiz back together I don't think I will be ordering from them anytime soon.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that when a company doesn't respond to you call them out on social media until they respond. I found this really helps get the company's attention because they don't want any negative feedback from their past customers. So call them out and even hast tag the company's name so that all future customers know how they handle problems. This has happen to me plenty other times with another company, like Just Fab.

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Ballet style flats (I wouldn't recommend getting them from Charlotte Russe tho)

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Have you had a similar problem happen to you before?

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