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A Day In Numbers ♥ 10-19-16

A Day In Numbers
I've seen at least 2 days in numbers posts this month so I took it as a sign to make one of my own. What I love about these posts is that they're short and to the point. You can tell so much by someone's day based on these posts. Since today I had work I decided to jot down my day in numbers yesterday instead because my workday in numbers probably wouldn't be as fun as a rest day in numbers.

9 am is when I got out of bed
3 text messages I woke up to
8 oz of water I drank in the morning
5 pumpkin pancakes I made for breakfast (I only ate 3)
7 times Lucy barked because she locked herself in our spare room
2 snacks I had before lunch
3 pm is what time it was when I woke up from a nap
10 nails I painted using the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
16 oz of coffee I drank
15 dollars I spend on a pastel pink bat sweatshirt from HM
12 Pumpkin scones I baked last night
5 Halloween Tsum Tsums which are displayed on my Tsum Tsum shelf
6 episodes of Gilmore Girls I watched
8 glitter spiders that are hung around my room
31 reps I did of the 5 daily TIU moves
12 Twice teasers I've watched (Can't wait for their new song!)
8 Products I use in my daily night skincare routine
11 more days until Halloween!

Describe your day in numbers!


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