Halloween Sneak Peek ♥ The Weekend Guide #27

The Weekend Guide
I'm super excited today because I am finally sharing pictures of some of the items that I will be selling in the MooeyAndFriends shop!

Since we're currently in October my first collection is a Autumn and Halloween inspired collection that consists of six different items. There will be pins, brooches, key chains and pinatas in this collection. I will be dedicating a whole post on the MooeyAndFriends reopening with better pictures of each item when my shop relaunches.

When am I going to open my shop? Well, I'm still not sure. I'm actually waiting for some Halloween shipping supplies that I ordered to arrive. I also need to add the finishing touches to a few of the other items. However, I am aiming for a shop opening next week! If you want to know exactly when follow me on twitter for shop news. You can also sign up on Etsy to be notification when my shop opens.

What's your favorite item?

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