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Lifestyle Favorites ♥ September 2016

September 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Welcome back to the second part of my 2016 September favorites. In this part, I will be discussing my non-beauty favorites, my lifestyle items. This post features some cute fashion and food picks. If you haven't read part one, my September beauty favorites, make sure you read that post as well.

September 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Hum Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder
I received one of these packets in a previous Birchbox. After I finished it I went to the Hum website to see if I could get any type of discount and signed up for a free trial, that contains three of these packets. I've now used this Hum Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder three times and love it! It tastes like mint but without those gross chocolate chips! I use mine to make nice cream (vegan ice cream) and it tastes amazing!

Pororo And Friends Crackers
After my dad's birthday, we went to an international supermarket and I found these crackers. I actually bought two versions of the original and a cheese flavored ones, I prefer the regular one. They taste like those Lunchables sandwich crackers but better! There are 10 different shaped crackers in the shape of Pororo's friends. Pororo And Friends, by the way, is a popular Korean children's show.

September 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Cancer Zodiac Necklaces
I wanted some simple necklaces that I could wear on an everyday basis. I found this set of Zodiac Necklaces in my sign, Cancer. The set comes with three necklaces and a set of earrings. I've been wearing these two necklaces the most.

September 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Hamburger Slippers
When I saw these on Forever 21 I couldn't get them off my mind! Aren't they the cutest slippers ever? Not only are they stinking adorable but they're also really comfy.

Amazon Prime
Ever since I signed up for Amazon Prime my life has changed. I can literally buy anything and have it delivered in 2 days! There are millions of items that are eligible for Amazon Prime, even some Korean beauty products!

We've had Netflix for years but this month I've been watching it more frequently. It started with Stranger Things (another favorite) and now I'm watching Gilmore Girls. I was browsing through their selection and found some movies and Korean shows that are on my watch list.

September 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
What lifestyle items are your favorites at the moment?


  1. Ohh I agree with you! I love Pororo and basically all I own is from amazon! I wish there was Forever 21 in Italy those slippers are the cutest! (> v <)


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