Memebox Haul ♥ Mask & Study Unboxing

Memebox Haul
Are you tired of my Memebox hauls yet? I hope not because I have another one for you today! I was running low on sheet masks so it was time to buy some Memebox bundles. Let's see what I bought from Memebox this time!

Memebox Haul
"Buried in your studies? This smart box will give your skin a much-needed break from those late night cram sessions. It's full of skin-loving sheet masks you can slap on while you power nap (or read) and cute, practical school supplies you can never have enough of. Whether you're studying hard or hardly studying, fighting!"

The Mask and Study Box contains 13 sheet masks, a pencil case, a notebook, a notebook and a pen. I decided to get this box because of all the sheet masks (obviously) and because this box contains stationery goodies! If you are interested in this box I would highly recommend you to go ahead and buy it because Memebox never restock the same box twice.

Memebox Haul
It's Skin Cream Masks
"Let your overworked skin soak in all the creamy goodness of It's Skin biocellulose masks."

Berrisom Real Jeju Skin Gel Masks
"Berrisom's gel masks are filled with 8 natural ingredients from the pristine island of Jeju and nourish skin back to youthful health."

Elensilia Intracell Masks
"Elensilia's sheet masks are enriched with Glycosaminoglycans that speed up cell regeneration. Extra points for brightening and firming, too!"

Bonvivant That Day Masks
"Bonvivant's THAT Day masks are infused with 70% Witch Hazel and a jelly essence that battles period-related skin issues. The only thing worse than studying is PMSing while studying."

Memebox Haul
This is the study portion of the Mask and Study Box. There is a pink rubbery pencil case with a mint colored zipper, a Memebox notebook with beauty products printed all over, a Memebox notepad and orange pen.

Memebox Haul
Memebox also had the Innisfree Mask Bundle Set available so I picked up one of those too. Innisfree masks are great and affordable. They also had a free Botanical Pure Mask Pack in Sodium Hyaluronate + Lotus which I had to add to my cart because it's a free sheet mask! By the way, have you seen my review on all the Bonvivant Botanical masks?

Memebox Haul
Do shop on Memebox?

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  1. What a cute box <3 all these masks look lovely!