L'oreal Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten ♥ Beauty Review

L'oreal Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten Review
When I heard about L'Oreal's pure-clay masks I was definitely intrigued. Especially, when many bloggers started talking about them! The detox mask caught my attention the most because of it's benefits to pull out impurities leaving your face with a radiant complexion! The mask contains charcoal which has been a popular ingredient in skincare for a while. Charcoal deep cleanses and helps to get rid of toxins on the skin, reduce dull skin, minimize pores, treat acne and oily skin. While I don't have a problem with excessive oily skin or acne I did feel like giving my skin a purge of impurities so I decided to indulge and treat my skin with this mask. How did it perform? Keep reading to find out!

L'oreal Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten Review
L'oreal Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten Review
L'oreal Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten Review
"Over time harsh environmental factors, such as pollution and debris damage skin leaving complexion dull and tired. Often times a cleanser isn't enough to solve this problem. Detox and Brighten Pure-Clay Mask addresses your skin concerns for a purified, even and radiant complexion."

- Relaxing scent
- Easy to remove

- No noticeable results
- Not worth it's price
- Confusing packaging (Glass jar but plastic lid? Not the best combination)

My Experience
I first heard about these L'oreal masks through various bloggers online. Many raved about the trio saying these masks were amazing and life-changing! The detox mask was by far the most popular one out of the bunch. However, in my opinion this mask sucks! I've been using this mask every Sunday for the past couple of months and haven't noticed any difference in my skin's appearance or texture. It just sits on my face doing nothing, wasting my time when I could be using a hydrating sheet mask instead.

I use a foundation brush to apply a light layer of the mask on my face. It dries in under 10 minutes and starts to tingle if you leave it on longer. Once the mask has turned a light grey color you can see all of the impurities on the surface of the mask (it's pretty cool but kind of gross at the same time). After I wash off the mask with luke warm water I notice...nothing! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! No brightening, no even skin tone, there is a bit of clearing but nothing too dramatic worth talking about.

Another thing I want to point out is the packaging. Why have a glass jar with a plastic lid? It's an odd pair if you ask me. Why not just make both glass or plastic? The jar feels high quality but the lid feels cheep.

Overall I was super disappointed with this product because it didn't do anything for me. Honestly, I blame the hype. Whenever I try a product that is really popular I either end up hating it or it just doesn't do anything for me.

My Rating
♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥

You can purchase the L'oreal Pure-Clay Mask in Detox & Brighten here

L'oreal Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten Review
Have you tried any of the L'oreal Pure-Clay Masks?

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Life Update ♥ The Weekend Guide #34

The Weekend Guide
It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm back! Earlier this week I was having these horrible chest pains so after ignoring these pains for the past couple of months I finally went to the doctor. When I got there they took all these x-rays on me but in the end was told that these chest pains were caused by stress and anxiety. Honestly, I wasn't expecting these results I thought I as dying or something. I'm someone who is constantly stressed so getting news that my stress is causing me pain doesn't surprise me but it doesn't help me either because what am I suppose to do? Relax? So the doctor prescribed me some medication to help reduce the pain and help me sleep (Some of the chest pains were so bad some nights that they kept me up). So, if any of you have any tips on how to relieve stress please let me know.

As if this week couldn't get any better on Tuesday I got my period and suffered with horrible cramps. Then on Wednesday I got sick. Honestly I don't even know how I even got sick! I stayed home everyday besides Monday (The day I went to the clinic) and my throat didn't start itching until Wednesday, how? Then of course Thanksgiving I ate my feelings away and yesterday I stayed home all day and took advantage of all the Black Friday deals.

Weekend To Do List
Shop some Black Friday deals
Put up and decorate my Christmas tree
Buy craft supplies for 12 Days of DIY
Take blog pictures
Finish Thanksgiving food
Start working out again (I took a break because of the chest pains)
Add a few things to my depop (Add me Mooeyandfriends if you want to shop my closet)

Obsessed With
Eating pumpkin pie
Gilmore Girls (I still haven't seen the new episodes but I'm almost done with the last season)
Pokemon Moon
Starbucks red cups (I always get iced drinks but I started getting hot drinks just for the cups and now I'm obsessed with getting hot drinks!)

Post To Revisit
Crochet Advent Calendar (If you haven't bought one yet and want to make your own)
Crochet Stocking
Starbucks Red Cup Coin Bank

How was your week? Have you started (or finished) Christmas shopping yet?

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo ♥ Game Review

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo Game Review
If you are an avid Animal Crossing player you may have heard of the recent 'Welcome Amiibo' update that came out in the beginning of November. This update basically refreshes the game by adding new features to the game, including Amiibo compatibility! Since the update was released I've wanted to talk write about my thoughts on the update. I know it's kind of late to be posting a review on this update since it came out weeks ago but I've playing it on-and-off since it was released so I think I have formed a solid opinion to share with you guys.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo Game Review
Main Features
- Amiibo functionality
- Amiibo camera
- Minigames
- MEOW coupons
- CAT machine
- Wisp and the magic lamp
- The ability to choose/kick out your villagers
- A new series of Amiibo cards (Out 12/2 in the United States)

First off this update is completely free! So if you already own Animal Crossing: New Leaf then all you have to do is update your version of the game. Once the update is complete the update you will notice that you now have a campground on your town map. In the campground you will find Harvey, a campfire, mobile home and other bits.

Using a Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader (or one of the new New Nintendo 3DS) you can scan one of the many Amiibo cards and the villager. You can then either ask the villager to move into your town or for them to give you something. Yes! You can now ask whichever villagers you want to move in! You can also use Amiibo figures to invite special guests, including your favorite Animal Crossing characters! These guests will be able to visit you in the campsite in their mobile home. You can order special items this way including a Nintendo 3DS XL and Wii U which you can play two new minigames, Puzzle League and Desert Island Escape (As seen in Amiibo Festival).

Using MEOW coupons you can order furniture from the campsite and mobile homes. You can earn MEOW coupons by doing daily and weekly activities. Along with the MEOW coupons you also get a CAT machine located in front of the town hall, You can earn and collect MEOW coupons by participating in 2 daily and 2 weekly initiatives.

Other Features
- New items
- New fortune cookies
- Sitting on rocks
- You can now shake trees while holding everything (minus the shovel)
- You can interact with items while sitting
- You can perform a dance if you interact with the campfire
- You need to get a new dream address because of the update
- Cyrus now waves at you when you pick up an item
- The Happy Home Showcase are now a cool light instead of warm light
- Mii masks now change the color of the skin tone
- Fertilizer can now revive a damaged perfect fruit tree
- You can now hang clothes on the walls
- Certain chairs can be used as tables
- You can now arrange furniture and your home the way you could in Happy Home Designer (You must owe a copy of HHD tho)
- A secret showroom can be purchase through Nook Homes (This gives you 36 storage boxes, not including the main storage you access through closets and such)
- You can order the giant items in HHD (Again, only if you have the game tho)

Overall thoughts?
I love how Nintendo decided to update an existing game instead of making us pay or wait for the next Animal Crossing game. Adding Amiibo was a genius idea! When the first series of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards came out I was crazy about collecting all of them but by the time series 3 was released I didn't bother. This update is obviously an evil scheme by Nintendo to make us buy more Amiibo cards and figures, which I've now started collecting again!

As for downsides, I don't really have any. However, I wish the update would've included a way to order any furniture from the store catalog. You can't order any of the special items that you find in the mobile homes through the catalog either, which is annoying. I also didn't care much for the Amiibo camera but that's just my opinion.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo Game Review
Have you played the updated Animal Crossing yet?

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A Crappy Week & Pokemon Moon ♥ The Weekend Guide #33

The Weekend Guide
Happy Pokemon Sun and Moon day! I'm so ready to get involved in another Pokemon adventure! After having a crappy week I'm looking forward to have a weekend of nothing but Pokemon. Honestly, I don't know why but I've been feeling unmotivated and sluggish this whole week. I guess all the negativity from last week carried onto this week. Thankfully, next week is Thanksgiving and that means food, which means comfort and that's what I need right now! hehe

Favorite Posts
My Blog Writing Process
Yarn Heroes: Captain Kawaii
What Does Success Mean To You?
Things I Need To Stop Doing

Ear Worms
Tell Me What To Do - SHINee
11:11 - TAEYEON (It was even a crappy week for music! Nothing new came out that I loved, besides SHINee's new song. So I decided to include Taeyeon's latest song which I'm still loving!)

Pokemon Moon (Duh!)

Blog Posts From The Week
Moana + Holiday Set Tsum Tsum Haul
Beauty Graveyard #2
Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Review

Who are you picking as your starter Pokemon?

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Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package ♥ Beauty Review

Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package Review
Back in August I ordered the Candy O'Lady Candy Mask from Memebox. I've had these masks for months but I just finished using them in late October/early November (I was waiting to use Little Witch on Halloween!). I haven't seen any reviews on these masks so I decided to review them for you today. The Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Pack comes with 7 masks, one for everyday of the week. It's encourage that you use all in one week but I spaced mine out because I already use sheet masks daily. I did have a problem with this set but in order to find that out you have to read the whole review!

Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package Review
Cake Pop Candy Mask - Soothing - Clear - Smells like mint or menthol

Sweet Lemon Candy Mask - Whitening - Clear - Smell like lemon heads

Mystic Potion Candy Mask - Re-energizing - Clear  (I let my sister use this so I don't know what it smelled like)

Mellow Cotton Candy Mask - Protecting - Clear - No scent

Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package Review
Little Witch Candy Mask - Elasticizing - Clear - Smells like a sugary confectionery shop

Holiday Candy Mask - Illuminating - Clear - Smells the same as Little Witch

Honey Milk Candy Mask - Revitalizing - Clear - Smells like honey

"This 7-mask pack treats your skin to a sweet facial each day of the week. It whitens, protects, illuminates, elasticizes, revitalizes, soothes, and re-energizes. Plus, its microfiber sheet adheres amazingly to skin, delivering moisture and natural nutrients more effectively and quickly into skin."

- Brightening/Whitening
- Hydrating
- Moisturizing
- Softening
- Affordable
- Cute packaging
- Perfect fit masks
- Sugary scented mask (not all of them though)
- Convenient/travel friendly packaging

- Gave me the worst break out of my life!
- Not suitable for those with sensitive skin
- Don't leave the masks on for too long

My Experience
The first mask I used from the Candy O'Lady candy mask set was the Honey Milk Mask. I was expecting a sweet milky honey scent but was surprised when I smelled actual honey (I hate honey, especially the smell). The mask was made out of a clear microfiber material, the mask fit perfectly on my face, it also stuck on really well and didn't slip or slide off my face at all.

The results of the masks were also fabulous! No matter which mask I used my skin felt moisturized and hydrated afterwards. Some of the masks were better at brightening/whitening then others. There was also plenty of leftover essence that you could use the following morning. All of the masks worked the same, besides one.

The third mask that I used was the Cake Pop Mask, which gave me the worst pimple of my life (and I mean my whole entire life!)! The day I used this mask I treated it like any other sheet mask that I use on a daily basis. I usually leave my masks on until I feel like the essence has properly sunk into my skin. Since these masks were drenched in essence I probably went over the time limit with this mask (HUGE MISTAKE). The next morning I was surprise to find a small bump on the left side of my face. This small bump grew within the week into the most gigantic inflamed pimple I have ever had on my face in my life! It took over a week for the swelling to die down and then another couple of days for the redness to disappear. Now it's been over 2 months and the pimple is now a scar on my face. This pimple was so horrible that it left a scar on my face! I've tried various creams, patches and other treatments to help get rid of it but nothing has worked.

Besides that hiccup the Candy O'Lady Candy Masks were pretty decent sheet masks. I'm still not sure it was specifically the Cake Pop Mask that caused the break out or if it was because I left the mask on for too long (the other two masks that I used before I had also left on for a longer time). I would recommend you follow the time limit if you plan to buy this sheet mask set. I also wouldn't recommend these masks to those with sensitive skin because the scents are overpowering.

My Rating
♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥

You can purchase the Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package here (It's out of stock at the moment. Does anybody else know what happen to Memebox? They've been off their game lately and haven't posted anything new in a while.)

Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package Review
Have you tried these masks before?

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Beauty Graveyard #2 ♥ Products I've Used Up

Products I've Used Up
It's been a year since I shared a roundup of beauty products that I've used up. I'm the type of person who throws away products once I finish them but when a lot of products that are running out at the same time I make sure to save them so I can share them with you guys. Today is one of those days! I'm sharing the latest skincare, hair and other beauty goods that I've used up in the past couple of months.

Products I've Used Up
Secret Clinical Strength Invisible in Waterproof
This is my holy grail deodorant!  I get very sweating so finding a deodorant that can work for my body can be difficult. Thankfully, the Secret Clinical Strength in Waterproof is the only antiperspirant that can actually absorb my sweat but keeps me smelling fresh all day. I've lost count at how many tubes of this stuff I've used up!

Ahava Rich Cleansing Cream
Since I was in high school this has been my go-to cleanser. However, all good things must come to an end. This is probably my fifth or sixth tube of the Ahava Rich Cleansing Cream and it's also my last. My skin has gotten to familiar with this product to the point where I doesn't do anything so it's now time to try something new. Check out my review on this product here.

Products I've Used Up
Shea Moisture Hold + Shine Moisture Mist
I've had this hair mist for a almost a year! I love the coconut and hibiscus scent it also moisturizes my ends pretty well. It's an alright product but I wouldn't buy it again.

OGX Fight Fallout Niacin + Caffeine Root Stimulator
This is my second bottle (maybe third) of the OGX Fight Fallout Root Stimulator and it won't be my last! I talked about how this product has changed my life in this post. If you are struggling with scalp hair loss I highly recommend this product.

Got2b Smooth Operator Leave-In Conditioner Lustre Lotion
Here is another product that I loved the first time I used it but now it can't handle me! When I first used this lustre lotion it smoothed down my cowlicks and frizz but now it doesn't do anything. Maybe they changed the formula or something? It still smells amazing but the performance has definitely changed. For that reason, I'm going to get a different hair product next time.

Products I've Used Up
What products have you used up lately?

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Tsum Tsum Haul ♥ Moana & Holiday Set

Tsum Tsum Haul
I asked you guys on twitter if you guys would be interested in seeing a post on Tsum Tsums and amiibos cards/figures. A majority o you said yes, so today I'm sharing my latest Disney Store Tsum Tsum purchases.

I placed this order on November 1 but I just received it over the weekend. Usually, I get my Disney Store orders early (within a week) but this time I had a problem with my order. I was never sent a tracking number so I had to email Disney about my order (they responded almost immediately!). When I finally received a tracking number it said that my packaged was in transit to my house on November 5, I never got it. So after much confusion my package finally came in the mail on November 12. It was in my town for about a week before it was ever delivered to my house! This was my first time dealing with this type of situation with the Disney Store. Everything arrived in perfect condition but I hope this doesn't happen again!

Tsum Tsum Haul
The Moana collection came out on November 1st along with some Christnas/holiday Tsum Tsums. I knew that I wanted these two since the first time I saw sneak peeks of the Moana collection. The only thing that bothers me about these two is that I don't know their background story. I honestly don't know why Disney releases the Tsum Tsums ahead of the movies because we haven't gotten to know the characters and love them yet.

Tsum Tsum Haul
Tsum Tsum Haul
Tsum Tsum Haul
Tsum Tsum Haul
A slew of holiday Tsum Tsums were released on the same day as the Moana collection, including an advent calendar! However, when I saw the price tag I decided not to get it (It cost $130 or something). So, instead of the calendar I picked this holiday set with Minnie and Mickey. They are dressed up as a Christmas tree and snowman! All the details are amazing! Even the box is super adorable!

Tsum Tsum Haul
Here is a better look at Mickey and Minnie's outfits. I love it when Tsum Tsums come with very detailed outfits!

Tsum Tsum Haul
Here is a close look at the Tsum Tsums faces,

Tsum Tsum Haul
What is the last Tsum Tsum you bought?

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It's All About The Small Things ♥ The Weekend Guide #32

The Weekend Guide
This week hasn't been the best week for me. As you guys know here in the US we elected a new president but I wasn't happy with the outcome, but what can I do? Nothing. Just remain positive. When I first heard about who was elected I couldn't watch the news for 2 days. Now I'm at the point where I can watch the news but have to change it whenever they start talking about politics because I still can't grasp what happened.

Anyways, because this week was difficult for a lot of people I decided to share small details of my week that made me happy and feel less like crap.

Little Things
I had my first Starbucks Snowman cookie of the season
The weather finally cold down this week! I can finally wear sweaters!
Holika Holika x Gudetama Lazy + Joy Collection (Part 3)
Lighting candles all over your room on a cold day
Wrapping yourself like a burrito with blankets at night
Lucy snuggling with me
Playing Animal Crossing and perfecting my town
B.A.P's new album!
Flipping through my favorite Japanese fashion magazines
Starbucks finally released their red cups and they're so cute!
Ordering the Callie amiibo just so I can wear her outfit!

Favorite Posts
101 Things In 1001 Days 
A Love Letter To Remind Myself Of My Strength
Things To Do On A Down Day (Thank you Lauren for this post, I needed it.)
On Being A Homebody

Ear Worms
Skydive - B.A.P (B.A.P is finally back! Their new album is amazing! Confession is my favorite song! The last two songs that B.A.P released weren't my favorite but Skydive reminds me of the old B.A.P that I love)
Paradise - Hyolyn
ToppDogg - Rainy Day
Decalcomanie - Mamamoo
TIAMO - T-ara

Blog Posts From The Week
Goodbye October, Hello November Weekly Spread
November 2016 Goals
Colourpop x Hello Kitty Haul

What made you smile this week?

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Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection ♥ Haul + Review

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection
On November 1 Colourpop released a collaboration to create a Hello Kitty collection. The collection includes a highlighter, a blush, a makeup bag, a kit and shadows and pigments and a couple of lip products. I only bought three of the products that appealed to me the most. I did like a few of the eye shadows and blush but they were in the kit and I didn't want to buy the whole kit just for a product or two. Today I am going to show you the three products that I bought from the collection and share my overall opinion on the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collection.

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection
"A creme finish mid-tone cool blue pink."
This is my first lippie stix that I've tried from Colourpop. The texture isn't as smooth as I thought it would be. The consistency is like a lip pencil and difficult to mange. The color is a nice everyday pink, suitable for all skin tones..

"Satin finish baby nude pink."
This is my second ultra satin lip. The color is pretty similar to Bianca but Tiny Chum is a cool toned nude pink and Bianca is a warm tone beige pink. Both are gorgeous shades and I'm glad I have both of them. This color is perfect for wearing everyday in autumn without looking to autumnal.

"Sheer finish bright warm pink doused with pink glitter."
Another new finish I decided to try is the ultra glossy lip. This shade is light pink (almost clear) sheer glossy with lots of glittery sparkles! It's super glossy but not sticky. This gloss would look lovely on top of another color or on it's own.

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection
For the packaging Colourpop choose to use the classic Hello Kitty colors instead of the pink packaging the she is more well known for. I thought the boxes were cute even though I'm not a fan of the colors, I would've preferred something cuter but I understand why they went with it. As for the lip tubes, I really like the designs! They added a bow print to the lids of the lip products. I especially love the packaging on the Lippie Stixs!

I liked most of the collection. I think the all of the shades suited Hello Kitty. However, I wish they would've sold everything separate instead of having the sets with exclusive products. Another thing that I wasn't crazy over was the name of the shades. As someone who is obsessed with Hello Kitty I thought the names of the products were bland and unoriginal. I honestly don't know why they choose some of those names in the first place like Tiny chum? Mate mate? Coin purse? School is fun? Then there is Arigato and Konnichiwa, really? You had to go there Colourpop? I could've picked 1847394 other names that could've describe Hello Kitty much better!

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection

What do you think of the collection?

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November 2016 Goals ♥ Blog & Lifestyle

November 2016 Goals
My new monthly feature is back! Since September I've been sharing my monthly blogging and personal goals that I want to accomplish within the month. You can check out previous goals here.

Out of my 3 blogging goals I only checked off one. I didn't post any DIYs in October. I wanted to but I didn't have any ideas that I was happy with. Hopefully all of my DIYs in December will make up for it. I also failed at posting a Instagram photo every week. I do have pictures saved up to post on Instagram but the whole timing, editing and theme throw me off.

1. Brainstorm December posts
For those who don't know every December I participate in blogmas, where I blog everyday in December. Along with blogmas I also have my own series called 12 Days of DIY where I share 12 DIY projects. So, if I don't prepare anything beforehand this can be very stressful. If any of you have any ideas or suggestions as to what projects or posts you want to see feel free to message me.

I'm happy to say that I completed all of my personal goals from last month! I didn't workout as much as I wanted to in October. However, I'm back at working 5 times a week so I'm really proud of myself.

2. Use my Happy Planner again
2017 is just around the corner, which means new planners! The new Happy Planners are already out and there are some amazing accessories to match! To refresh my decorating memory I've been using my planner daily. You can view my latest planner spread here.

3. Spend Less
With Christmas quickly approaching I need to stop spending on myself and start saving. I don't plan on buying Christmas gifts until after Thanksgiving so I need to save as much money as I can so my bank balance doesn't cry.

Do you have any goals for November?

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Goodbye October, Hello November ♥ Weekly Planner Spread

Weekly Planner Spread
Can you believe I haven't posted a weekly spread since April! After I bought a bullet journal I started using that and left my Happy Planner in the dust. Between the both of them I prefer an actual planner for my daily events. However, I still use my bullet journal just not as a daily planner. Maybe I will do a blog posts comparing the two? Let me know if you would like to see that.

Anyways, I was organizing my stationery the other day and noticed that I had a lot autumn and holiday stickers that I bought last year so that's what drove me into using my Happy Planner again. I could've of just started using my planner this week instead of last week but I really wanted to include a Halloween theme in my planner this year. After I finished this week I noticed how much I really missed planning. I hope that I can keep up with weekly spreads and be more consistent with them.

Weekly Planner Spread
I started by using cute Halloween washi tape to decorate this spread. I then wrote in the checklists 'to do', 'blog' and 'workouts' in the boxes. On the side, I wrote my mail and orders that I placed throughout the week so I can remember what packages are coming this week. Something new I started doing was using circles to fill in whenever I complete a task. This is something that the bullet journal taught me. If I don't complete a task I draw an arrow inside the circle and move it to a later date.

Weekly Planner Spread
This is the second page of my Halloween planner spread. I tried making a weekend banner but it didn't come out the way I wanted it to. I didn't know what else to put in those boxes since I don't blog on the weekends so I just added some Halloween stickers that I had to fill in the empty space. If any of you have ideas as to what I can put inside those boxes let me know cause I never know what to do with them.

Weekly Planner Spread
Are you guys still using your planners?

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Welcome Amiibo ♥ The Weekend Guide #31

The Weekend Guide
Happy Fri-yay everyone! This week a new Animal Crossing was released called 'Welcome Amiibo'. This update includes lot of new features including the opportunity to move whatever villagers you want and kick out whatever villagers who won't leave your town (finally!). In the update you also acquire a campground and Harvey, a mellow hippie dog who apparently has some background with Harriet. At the campsite you can visit special guests in RVs and order items from their rooms. Other updates include meow coupons, sitting on rocks, magic lamps, extra storage, Amiibo camera, selling your town for bells and the ability to move furniture around like in Happy Home.

I've been obsessed with this new update! I love how Nintendo decided to revive New Leaf instead of making us pay for a new game. Now I just need to start collecting Amiibo cards again because I stopped collecting them after the second series came out. Lucy needs to move into my town!!!

Blogs To Follow
One Pleasant Day
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