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The Weekend Guide #33

The Weekend Guide
Happy Pokemon Sun and Moon day! I'm so ready to get involved in another Pokemon adventure! After having a crappy week I'm looking forward to having a weekend of nothing but Pokemon. Honestly, I don't know why but I've been feeling unmotivated and sluggish this whole week. I guess all the negativity from last week carried onto this week. Thankfully, next week is Thanksgiving and that means food, which means comfort and that's what I need right now! hehe

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Ear Worms
Tell Me What To Do - SHINee
11:11 - TAEYEON (It was even a crappy week for music! Nothing new came out that I loved, besides SHINee's new song. So I decided to include Taeyeon's latest song which I'm still loving!)

Pokemon Moon (Duh!)

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Who are you picking as your starter Pokemon?


  1. Pokemon isnt released til the 23rd in the UK and i pre-ordered mine so fingers crossed it arrives on the day. I'm going to pick Poppilo =]

    1. Really? That sucks! I'm so glad Poppilo is finally getting some love! ♥



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