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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo ♥ Game Review

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo Game Review
If you are an avid Animal Crossing player you may have heard of the recent 'Welcome Amiibo' update that came out at the beginning of November. This update basically refreshes the game by adding new features to the game, including Amiibo compatibility! Since the update was released I've wanted to talk write about my thoughts on the update. I know it's kind of late to be posting a review on this update since it came out weeks ago but I've played it on-and-off since it was released so I think I have formed a solid opinion to share with you guys.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo Game Review
Main Features
- Amiibo functionality
- Amiibo camera
- Minigames
- MEOW coupons
- CAT machine
- Wisp and the magic lamp
- The ability to choose/kick out your villagers
- A new series of Amiibo cards (Out 12/2 in the United States)

First off this update is completely free! So if you already own Animal Crossing: New Leaf then all you have to do is update your version of the game. Once the update is complete the update you will notice that you now have a campground on your town map. In the campground you will find Harvey, a campfire, mobile home, and other bits.

Using a Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader (or one of the new New Nintendo 3DS) you can scan one of the many Amiibo cards and the villager. You can then either ask the villager to move into your town or for them to give you something. Yes! You can now ask whichever villagers you want to move in! You can also use Amiibo figures to invite special guests, including your favorite Animal Crossing characters! These guests will be able to visit you at the campsite in their mobile home. You can order special items this way including a Nintendo 3DS XL and Wii U which you can play two new minigames, Puzzle League and Desert Island Escape (As seen in Amiibo Festival).

Using MEOW coupons you can order furniture from the campsite and mobile homes. You can earn MEOW coupons by doing daily and weekly activities. Along with the MEOW coupons you also get a CAT machine located in front of the town hall, You can earn and collect MEOW coupons by participating in 2 daily and 2 weekly initiatives.

Other Features
- New items
- New fortune cookies
- Sitting on rocks
- You can now shake trees while holding everything (minus the shovel)
- You can interact with items while sitting
- You can perform a dance if you interact with the campfire
- You need to get a new dream address because of the update
- Cyrus now waves at you when you pick up an item
- The Happy Home Showcase is now a cool light instead of warm light
- Mii masks now change the color of the skin tone
- Fertilizer can now revive a damaged perfect fruit tree
- You can now hang clothes on the walls
- Certain chairs can be used as tables
- You can now arrange furniture and your home the way you could in Happy Home Designer (You must own a copy of HHD tho)
- A secret showroom can be purchase through Nook Homes (This gives you 36 storage boxes, not including the main storage you access through closets and such)
- You can order the giant items in HHD (Again, only if you have the game tho)

Overall thoughts?
I love how Nintendo decided to update an existing game instead of making us pay or wait for the next Animal Crossing game. Adding Amiibo was a genius idea! When the first series of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards came out I was crazy about collecting all of them but by the time series 3 was released, I didn't bother. This update is obviously an evil scheme by Nintendo to make us buy more Amiibo cards and figures, which I've now started collecting again!

As for downsides, I don't really have any. However, I wish the update would've included a way to order any furniture from the store catalog. You can't order any of the special items that you find in the mobile homes through the catalog either, which is annoying. I also didn't care much for the Amiibo camera but that's just my opinion.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo Game Review
Have you played the updated Animal Crossing yet?


  1. I love the camp and harv, hes so cute when he dances =] how do you kick out villagers?

    1. When you scan another villager card you can ask them to move in and if your town is full they will ask you which villager you want to kick out. ♥


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