Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package ♥ Beauty Review

Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package Review
Back in August I ordered the Candy O'Lady Candy Mask from Memebox. I've had these masks for months but I just finished using them in late October/early November (I was waiting to use Little Witch on Halloween!). I haven't seen any reviews on these masks so I decided to review them for you today. The Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Pack comes with 7 masks, one for everyday of the week. It's encourage that you use all in one week but I spaced mine out because I already use sheet masks daily. I did have a problem with this set but in order to find that out you have to read the whole review!

Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package Review
Cake Pop Candy Mask - Soothing - Clear - Smells like mint or menthol

Sweet Lemon Candy Mask - Whitening - Clear - Smell like lemon heads

Mystic Potion Candy Mask - Re-energizing - Clear  (I let my sister use this so I don't know what it smelled like)

Mellow Cotton Candy Mask - Protecting - Clear - No scent

Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package Review
Little Witch Candy Mask - Elasticizing - Clear - Smells like a sugary confectionery shop

Holiday Candy Mask - Illuminating - Clear - Smells the same as Little Witch

Honey Milk Candy Mask - Revitalizing - Clear - Smells like honey

"This 7-mask pack treats your skin to a sweet facial each day of the week. It whitens, protects, illuminates, elasticizes, revitalizes, soothes, and re-energizes. Plus, its microfiber sheet adheres amazingly to skin, delivering moisture and natural nutrients more effectively and quickly into skin."

- Brightening/Whitening
- Hydrating
- Moisturizing
- Softening
- Affordable
- Cute packaging
- Perfect fit masks
- Sugary scented mask (not all of them though)
- Convenient/travel friendly packaging

- Gave me the worst break out of my life!
- Not suitable for those with sensitive skin
- Don't leave the masks on for too long

My Experience
The first mask I used from the Candy O'Lady candy mask set was the Honey Milk Mask. I was expecting a sweet milky honey scent but was surprised when I smelled actual honey (I hate honey, especially the smell). The mask was made out of a clear microfiber material, the mask fit perfectly on my face, it also stuck on really well and didn't slip or slide off my face at all.

The results of the masks were also fabulous! No matter which mask I used my skin felt moisturized and hydrated afterwards. Some of the masks were better at brightening/whitening then others. There was also plenty of leftover essence that you could use the following morning. All of the masks worked the same, besides one.

The third mask that I used was the Cake Pop Mask, which gave me the worst pimple of my life (and I mean my whole entire life!)! The day I used this mask I treated it like any other sheet mask that I use on a daily basis. I usually leave my masks on until I feel like the essence has properly sunk into my skin. Since these masks were drenched in essence I probably went over the time limit with this mask (HUGE MISTAKE). The next morning I was surprise to find a small bump on the left side of my face. This small bump grew within the week into the most gigantic inflamed pimple I have ever had on my face in my life! It took over a week for the swelling to die down and then another couple of days for the redness to disappear. Now it's been over 2 months and the pimple is now a scar on my face. This pimple was so horrible that it left a scar on my face! I've tried various creams, patches and other treatments to help get rid of it but nothing has worked.

Besides that hiccup the Candy O'Lady Candy Masks were pretty decent sheet masks. I'm still not sure it was specifically the Cake Pop Mask that caused the break out or if it was because I left the mask on for too long (the other two masks that I used before I had also left on for a longer time). I would recommend you follow the time limit if you plan to buy this sheet mask set. I also wouldn't recommend these masks to those with sensitive skin because the scents are overpowering.

My Rating
♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥

You can purchase the Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package here (It's out of stock at the moment. Does anybody else know what happen to Memebox? They've been off their game lately and haven't posted anything new in a while.)

Candy O'Lady One Week Candy Mask Package Review
Have you tried these masks before?

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  1. I've never even seen those masks before. The packaging is extremely adorable! I just discovered your blog by the way. I love it!



  2. How long do I leave it on

    1. Always read the back of the mask packaging. I think these were 10-12 minutes. ♥

  3. the packaging sooo adorable :)


  4. Im a little late to your post, but hey so far ive tried the sweet lemon candy mask which i got from a 4pcs subscription kit from 'Facetory'. Ive never heard of memebox before. But if you want different types of sheet masks to try every now and then, Facetory is not bad. (:

    1. I never heard of Facetory but I will definitely look them up. Thanks for the recommendation! ♥