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Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection ♥ Haul + Review

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection
On November 1 Colourpop released a collaboration to create a Hello Kitty collection. The collection includes a highlighter, a blush, a makeup bag, a kit and shadows and pigments and a couple of lip products. I only bought three of the products that appealed to me the most. I did like a few of the eye shadows and blush but they were in the kit and I didn't want to buy the whole kit just for a product or two. Today I am going to show you the three products that I bought from the collection and share my overall opinion on the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collection.

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection
"A creme finish mid-tone cool blue pink."
This is the first lippie stix that I've tried from Colourpop. The texture isn't as smooth as I thought it would be. The consistency is like a lip pencil and difficult to manage. The color is a nice everyday pink, suitable for all skin tones.

"Satin finish baby nude pink."
This is my second ultra satin lip. The color is pretty similar to Bianca but Tiny Chum is a cool-toned nude pink and Bianca is a warm tone beige pink. Both are gorgeous shades and I'm glad I have both of them. This color is perfect for wearing every day in autumn without looking to autumnal.

"Sheer finish bright warm pink doused with pink glitter."
Another new finish I decided to try is the ultra glossy lip. This shade is light pink (almost clear) sheer glossy with lots of glittery sparkles! It's super glossy but not sticky. This gloss would look lovely on top of another color or on its own.

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection
For the packaging Colourpop chooses to use the classic Hello Kitty colors instead of the pink packaging she is more well known for. I thought the boxes were cute even though I'm not a fan of the colors, I would've preferred something cuter but I understand why they went with it. As for the lip tubes, I really like the designs! They added a bow print to the lids of the lip products. I especially love the packaging on the Lippie Stixs!

I liked most of the collection. I think all of the shades suited Hello Kitty. However, I wish they would've sold everything separately instead of having the sets with exclusive products. Another thing that I wasn't crazy about was the name of the shades. As someone who is obsessed with Hello Kitty, I thought the names of the products were bland and unoriginal. I honestly don't know why they choose some of those names in the first place like Tiny chum? Mate mate? Coin purse? School is fun? Then there is Arigato and Konnichiwa, really? You had to go there Colourpop? I could've picked 1847394 other names that could've to describe Hello Kitty much better!

Colourpop X Hello Kitty Collection
What do you think of the collection?


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