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Lifestyle Favorites ♥ October 2016

October 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Welcome back to another monthly favorites post! In this post, I'm sharing the lifestyle items that I was drawn to the most in October. If you are interested to see what beauty products I reached for the most check out the first part of my October monthly favorites.

October 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Rise Of The Tomb Raider
We have a PlayStation 4 but rarely use it because there aren't many PS4 games that interest me. However, while I was browsing on Amazon for a new game I found that the new Tomb Raider game came out. I grew up on Tomb Raider! This was the first game I ever saw women as the protagonist in a video game and as a young girl who grew up on videos this stood out to me. This is actually a second game for the PS4 but I decided to get it because it was the 20-year anniversary edition and wanted to see the changes they made.

October 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Pumpkin Pie Larabar
Every week I buy a box of Larabars to satisfy any cravings I may have during the week. What I love most about Larabars is that they have a small ingredient list with less than 10 ingredients in each bar with things that I'm actually familiar with! These pumpkin pie flavored Larabars are my favorite! They taste soooooo delicious! I think pumpkin spice would've been a more appropriate name because you can really taste the spices in the bars.

October 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Forever 21 Cow Coin Purse
As you guys know I'm a sucker for anything with cows so this pouch was basically made more me! I store loose change, folded coupons and dollar bills in here.

Halloween 2016 Tsum Tsums
These three guys were the highlight of this month. In October the Halloween 2016 Tsum Tsums came out in Japan. I missed out on last years so this year I made sure to buy my favorites from the collection which were Minnie, pumpkin Minnie, and Baymax! Japanese Tsum Tsums are on a whole other level from the US Tsum Tsums. They're softer, cuter, the details are spectacular! They only downside is that they're more expensive (and obviously not available in the US).

October 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
What lifestyle items are your current favorites?


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