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Lifestyle Favorites ♥ November 2016

November 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
It's time for part two of my November 2016 favorites. I posted the first part aka the beauty favorites earlier this week but this time I'm sharing my lifestyle favorites.

November 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Callie Amiibo Figure
Ever since Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo came out I've been really into collecting Amiibo figures, which I never did before Welcome Amiibo. I bought Callie because I wanted her outfit and the Squid Sister's furniture. I only bought Callie but now I need to order Marie because she has a different outfit.

Pokemon Moon
Pokemon Moon was another favorite of mine in November. The game is very different from other Pokemon games. I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say too much for now. I still haven't finished the game because I've been busy with blogmas but once I finish I will write type a review on it. What I can say about the game is that I love all the new Pokemon, especially Popplio!

November 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Moana Tsum Tsums
Moana was released in November and so was a slew of Moana Tsum Tsums. I have yet to see the movie but every time I see the Moana and Pua Tsums Tsums I get really excited about the film! Speaking of which, the Moana soundtrack is another favorite. I've been listening to it almost every day since it was released.

Harney + Sons Green Tea with Coconut Tea
Once it starts getting colder I start drinking more tea. The tea I drunk the most last month was this green tea with coconut tea by Harney + Sons Fine Teas. The green tea taste is light with a hint of coconut flavor. If you need a cozy for your tea tin I recommend you make this one.

November 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
Larme 024 Issue
Larme is a magazine that I've always wanted to check out but never had a chance to flip through an issue until recently. Their spreads are unlike any other magazine I've seen before. The shoots are magical and whimsical looking.

Popteen November 2016 Issue
I haven't bought a Popteen magazine for a long time so I decided to buy the November issue. It came with a mini perfume which I talked about in my beauty favorites. I loved the cover and a few of the spreads but this issue was definitely not their typical Popteen issue but it was still pretty good.

November 2016 Lifestyle Favorites
What are your favorite lifestyle items at the moment?


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