Should I Continue Blogmas? ♥ The Weekend Guide #37

The Weekend Guide
There is only 9 days til Christmas! Can you believe it? This was yet another stressful week for me, what else is new though? I posted four DIY projects this week so if you haven't seen them I've linked them down below. I only have four projects left until I'm finished with the 12 Days of DIYs. My goal this weekend is to schedule all of my posts for the upcoming week so I can relax, get some sleep, catch up on some vlogmas/blogmas posts and enjoy some quality me time.

Earlier this week I was complaining about quitting blogmas after I completed the 12 Days of DIY but I think I might continue. The DIY projects are honestly what stressed me out. Especially that Polar Bear Rug! The non-craft related post really haven't bothered me. In fact, I have so many posts lined up so I think I might continue blogmas after all. I do feel like I need to take a break sometime and don't really want to start the new year taking a break.

In other news, I'm almost finished with Christmas shopping! I just need to buy one more gift and a couple of stocking stuffers. Last week I was so stressed because I didn't buy anything for anyone when I went to the mall, just things for myself... So when I got home I ordered everything and all the gifts are starting to finally arrive!

Weekend To Do List
Cut my hair
Take blog pictures
Workout (I finally fixed our treadmill!)
Buy new wrapping paper (I've used the same wrapping paper for like 3 years! I need a new one.)
Buy stocking stuffers
Buy whipped cream
Wrap presents
Build a gingerbread house (Can't wait to share what "gingerbread house" I bought this year with you guys!)

Favorite Posts
What To Do When Your Planner Isn't Working For You
ACNL Winter In Hogwarts (Should I give you a tour of my town?)
Cosying Up For Christmas
Virtual Baby in Pink
Being Single Is Not A Diseases (I can relate to this post so much!)

Ear Worms
Don't Speak (ft. Tiffany + King Chain) - Far East Movement
Wonderland - Jessica (Why do Jessica and Tiffany always come out with songs at the same time?)
It's You - Shin Yong Jae + Luna

Currently Watching
Shopping King Louie (Just started watching this drama. It's cute but it's so unrealistic.)

Tea Bag Sugar Cookies
Fast Food Ornaments
Decoden Pins
Polar Bear Rug

Blog Posts From The Week
My Christmas Wishlist
Drugstore Haul

What Christmas activities are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my ACNL town tour! I would LOVE to see a tour of your town! Good luck with your to do list <3

    1. No problem! I just need to add a few public works projects, grow more pink flowers and I think I will reveal my town. It isn't as nice as your's though. ♥