How Cruelty Free Am I? ♥ Cruelty Free Clean Up

Cruelty Free Clean Up
As you guys know by now I'm going cruelty free thig year (minus Korean beauty products) and urge those who may be interested in going cruelty free to join me. You don't have to go cruelty free overnight (you can if you want to) but you can decided to stop buying from beauty brands that test on animals starting right now! There are tons of companies out there that are just as affordable as some of these brands that choose not to test on poor animals. You can discover new concealers, foundations, mascaras, skincare products, etc from other brands.

Today I thought it would be fun to dig into my makeup drawers and check how many products I have aren't cruelty free. I decided to do a huge make up purge and throw away anything that I haven't used in months or expired. While I was cleaning out I found products from brands that do test on animals that still had time left and decided to keep them. Some of these products I bought not too long ago or contain a lot of product inside and I simply don't want to waste them. However, once I'm done using said products I will throw them away and not repurchase. With that said, I won't promote these brands or products anymore. I will just silently use them until they're gone.

Cruelty Free Clean Up
Obviously big brands such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon test on animals. Normally big brands like these aren't cruelty free because I guess they're global brands and advertise well enough not to care about going cruelty free. Most of these products I don't mind giving up. I will throw anything away that has already gone off date but those few products that still have some time left I will use up because I hate mindlessly throwing away things.

Cruelty Free Clean Up
Garnier, John Frieda, Bosica and Hawaiian Tropic also all test on animals. Out of all these products I'm most upset about giving up the sun lotion because it's literally the best sunscreen I've used on my body!  But I'm pretty sure there is another animal friendly sun cream that is just as good and even better. I bought all these products less then 5 months ago so I still have some time left with them before I throw them out.

Cruelty Free Clean Up
Now onto the tricky brands. OGX (or Organix Hair) and Benefit. Both companies claim on their websites and products however after researching I found out that they are actually not. Which sucks because I was overjoyed when I first found out OGX didn't test on animals because I love their products and use them on a daily basis but I am willing to give them up for another brand. You can read more as to why these two brands aren't cruelty free here.

Lastly, MAC Cosmetics. Back when I first went cruelty free a couple years ago MAC didn't test on animals but now they do. It's unfortunate but like I said before I'm willing to give up a brand that test on animals for another beauty brand that doesn't.

Cruelty Free Clean Up
What's your thoughts on companies that test on animals?

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