My New Year's Resolutions ♥ 2017 Goals

2017 Goals
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fun yet safe New Year's weekend. I stayed home and binged watched Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Anyways, not only is it a New Year but it's also a new month which means new goals! Ever since I started sharing my goals on my blog a couple months ago it's really helped me keep track of my goals so I will continue to share my lifestyle and blogging goals each month for now on. There is so many things I want to accomplish in 2017 so my list may seem long to some but when you think about it I have 365 days to better myself. As long as I attempted each one of these goals that is all that matters. Wish me luck!

1.Start learning Korean again.
2. Volunteer at a dog shelter.
3. Use reusable shopping bags.
4. Invest in a new laptop and desk chair.
5. Donate to Animal organizations when possible.
6. Read a book each month.
7. Start running again.
8. Walk Lucy when I have time.
9. Eat less processed foods.
10. Conserve energy by turning off lights and water when not in use.
11. Post one crochet pattern a month.
12. Reopen my Etsy shop and update it regularly.
13. Buy only cruelty-free beauty products (minus K-beauty).

What are your New Year's resolutions?

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  1. Hope your resolutions are doing well! This year I wanted to start baking more, take more photos of myself (without wanting to cry when I look at them), and to start growing my nails - and I'm doing really well so far! Here's to hoping I keep it up for the next 10 and a half months!


    1. I never take photos of myself for the same reason! haha ♥